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Saturday, May 20, 2006

DAUT 1, Skinheads 0

DAUT's Ufa Blog has a compelling item on the Russian racist presence on the web. He offers two examples of fascist visual propaganda. The first, shown above, states: "They didn't surrender Russia to the Germans even when blockaded. But you are surrendering to the niggers* without a struggle!"

The second, show above, states: "Protect your Motherland! Protect your loved ones!" Apparently, the dark-skinned fellow was about to stab the angelic Slavic lassie with a dagger, or perhaps inject her with the heroin syringe in his back pocket.

These items and more are to be found on websites such as which call upon young bald-headed Russians with large forearms to work towards the infamous final solution of Russia's race "problem." La Russophobe dares to suggest that it is not the presence of these sites in Russia that is the most frightening (indeed, only a tiny fraction of the Russian population, whose average monthly salary is a puny $300, can afford regular Internet access), but rather the absence of significant organized opposition, signaling the tacit approval of vast swaths of the ordinary Russian population. Scarier still is the lack of organized opposition to the Kremlin itself, which is far more dangerous to Russia's future, and Russia's minority population, than all the crazed skinheads ever dream of being. And, to paraphrase Martin Luther King's Letter from Birmingham Jail, it may be the Russophile enabler and the "moderate" -- the rationalizers of this behavior, who say that all Russia needs "time" and "understanding -- who are in fact most lethal and most terrifying of all. It is this latter group that La Russophobe was born to offer battle.

*NB: La Russophobe apologizes for the need to translate this odious term from Russian into English. She hopes the gentle reader is not offended when she says she hopes the reader is deeply offended.

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