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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Top 10 Russophile Myths

10. MYTH: Boris Yeltsin was loved by the ignorant West but hated by Russians.
REALITY: When Yeltsin told Russians to vote for Putin, they did so without hesitation.

9. MYTH: Russia is an oil superpower.
REALITY: Russian oil is worth pennies per capita, many countries have much more. Oil is a very bad, harmful thing for Russia, much more of a curse than a blessing, because it dilutes the need for immediate reform.

8. MYTH: Russia tried democracy and it failed.
REALITY: Russia has never once had a true contested election.

7. MYTH: Russia tried capitalism and it failed.
REALITY: Russia has never been governed by anyone other than a king or a person raised under Communism. It has certainly never been governed by a capitalist.

6. MYTH: Russia is the land of great literature and science.
REALITY: America, famous as a land of hillbilly morons, has far more Nobel prizes for science and literature than Russia.

5. MYTH: Russia is the innocent victim of foreign enemies.
REALITY: Far more Russians have been killed by Russians than by foreigners.

MYTH: Russia belongs on the G-8 because of its nuclear strike force.
REALITY: Giving Russia props because of its nuclear weapons encourages the development of such weapons, and hence violates the fundamental principles of non-proliferation.

MYTH: Russia is important because of its land mass.
REALITY: Russia's territory is even more harmful to its interests than the oil that lies under it. Russia's efforts to hold and control that territory are destroying the nation, because the job is simply far beyond Russia's puny means.

MYTH: Russians are brave, and have shown it struggling against winter and invaders.
REALITY: Russians are extraordinary cowards, and have shown it in consistently refusing to oppose their own government. Russians fought foreign invaders because the were more afraid of their own government than those invaders, and because of their latent hatred of foreigners. Russians live with the climate because they have no choice.

MYTH: Russia will be great in the future.
REALITY: People have been saying Russia will be great in the future for nearly a thousand years. And every year, Russia keeps getting worse.


La Russophobe said...

There are only two possible reasons why a person would do something that a person he HATES tells him to do:

(a) the person is STUPID;
(b) the person doesn't really hate the other person.

So, it seems that Russophile Ugly believes that Russia is a nation of stupid people, while La Russophobe believes they are just misunderstood. Now, you tell LR, who's the real "hater" of Russians?

Anonymous said...

I too pretty much agree with what's been said here. There needs to be more focus on the disgusting filth bucket that is Russia. I'd love to see them become a healthy happy democracy that contributes to the good of humanity, but the way things are going it will unfortunately never happen. At least not in my lifetime...

Anonymous said...

Greatest mith is 1000 years of Russia history.
1000 years of history have Kiev Rus, country with the same capital as modern day Ukrain, and most of its teritory in Ukrain and Belorus. Kiev Rus was the most literate country of era, where is found children sent mail, written on birch bark.
Throught only when tsar Peter 1, changed his state name from Muskovy (which him tought as backwards) to Russia, his state started to have 1000 years of history. In old maps modern day Russia was labeled as Muscovy, Moscow state, Tartaria or Moscow Ulus, but modern Ukraine as Rus or Ruthenia. So some ukrainians thinks, that russians actualy stolen they history.
Peter 1 alsou conviced european geographs to expand Europ's teritory to alsou include Moscow state.

Realy Russia history start with Ivan the Cruel or Peter 1, wich is not more longer than USA history.

Anonymous said...


Мартышка к старости слаба глазами стала;
А у людей она слыхала,
Что это зло еще не так большой руки:
Лишь стоит завести Очки.
Очков с полдюжины себе она достала;
Вертит Очками так и сяк:
То к темю их прижмет, то их на хвост нанижет,
То их понюхает, то их полижет;
Очки не действуют никак.
"Тьфу пропасть! - говорит она,- и тот дурак,
Кто слушает людских всех врак:
Всё про Очки лишь мне налгали;
А проку на-волос нет в них".
Мартышка тут с досады и с печали
О камень так хватила их,
Что только брызги засверкали.

К несчастью, то ж бывает у людей:
Как ни полезна вещь,- цены не зная ей,
Невежда про нее свой толк все к худу клонит;
А ежели невежда познатней,
Так он ее еще и гонит.

La Russophobe said...

Иван: a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Anonymous said...

Poor, poor American невежда! No wonder this tale signifies nothing to you. You can't imagine how badly you've embarassed yourself with this arrogant comment. Hating everything Russian you can't even begin to comprehend the depth of the Russian culture. Let me tell you something - 'an idiot, full of sound and fury', Ivan Krylov, is one of the classics of the Russian poetry.

Only a Russian can appreciate how perfectly this poem fits your case. Go ahead, grab a dictionary, try to understand what it says there. Keep in mind, though, it was written in the early XIXth century, some of the expressions may not appear easily understandable to a superficial reader like yourself.

'You don't really know Russia unless you read La Russophobe!' Duh!

Now make me believe YOU know Russia!

Anonymous said...

Guys: Its much simpler than what you all think. This woman's real name is Claire. She spent time in Moscow and tried dating a number of Russian men. She got kicked around a bit and then she tried with some American expats in Moscow. No one paid her any attention and one night she threw herself at Mark Ames who was dead drunk but not pissed enough to sleep with am American. The rejection and frustration have been building up and you can all see that her hatred has turned her into a compulsive obsessive maniac. This woman spends more than 5-6 hours a day posting on this stupid blog and then goes to other blogs to post comments so people will notice her.
She is desperate for attention. All this time she lives on junk food and has become obese. She has not had sex in two years and she has pictures of Mark Ames and Limonov all over her wall.
Please do not hate her. She is really sick and pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Here is nice example of democracy in russia:

Anonymous said...

Actualy I hardly could imagine any western woman, who would want to date with russian, not european;))))

Anonymous said...

The entire premise of this website is so grossly racist and disgusting, it's beyond any justification. The racism of this site and messages like this blog post completely and utterly discredit the messenger. It's one thing to criticize the actions of the Russian government and Russian policies, but to declare the Russian people as inferior, evil, greedy, and worthy of complete destruction is probably indicatative of some sort of delusional mental retardation.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at from the perspective of someone who believes in the truth and is capable of rational thought.

If Russia is not an oil superpower, and its oil is so worthless, then why is the west so worried about Russians using oil as a political weapon? If this reserve if so small, then why would there be any cause for concern? Russia has used its oil wealth to nearly triple per capita income in less than a decade, and to expand the nation's GDP by around 50% since 1998. To say this oil is nearly worthless is complete and utter nonsense. In reality, Russia is the country the 2nd largest oil supply on the planet, in fact, some recent statistics indicate that Russia has actually surpassed Saudi Arabia as the #1 prodocer. Many experts go even further, and say even this large oil supply is merely scratching the surface of the oil present in Sibera. So therefore, you're a liar unless by "many countries have much more" oil than Russia, you meant "only one country, if that."

Lets go over some other points. Simply because America has won more Nobel prizes does not mean Russia's accomplishments in art and science were not great and many. Just like because there are probably bigger morons out there than you, doesn't mean you're still not definitely a moron.

A lot of the other myth and reality spiels you have are also lies and in many cases, a "myth" has little to do with the "reality" you associate it with.

Anyone who has read enough about Russian history knows for an absolute fact that there are countless examples of Russians who fought bravely and with devotion to their country. To universally deny something so manifestly factual only further proves your delusion and lack of rational capacity.

Russia's landmass isn't nearly as troublesome as you imply, for one thing, it guarantees the massive oil reserves mentioned earlier.

Also, how is it you can claim Russia gets worse every year? Are improving standards of living, falling rates of inflation, and economic growth somehow indicative of things getting worse in your nonsensical fantasy world?

For the fun of it, lets take a peek at your utterly false motto which implies Russia is the worst country in the world. What would the factual basis be for that? According to the Human Development Index, the majority of the countries in the world are worse places than Russia. There are countries who currenly are worse human rights violators than Russia is, countries worse off economically, countries that have less freedom for their citizens, countries with lower standards of living.

And now for the conclusion. Your blatantly apparent racism, delusion, and irrationality will probably not allow to accept any of these facts, so a nice parting thought for you is that what you're doing here is utterly worthless and useless. Russia will continue to exist, long after you're old and dead, and this joke of a website goes away as it rightfully should. Fact is, you're not even slightly better than any Russian, not even a homeless, drug-addicted, AIDS-stricked one. You can fume and rage, and waste hours upon hours on this completely unproductive nonsenese, and you will never accomplish a thing. It's both pitiful and funny how committed you are to such ludicrous goals, and how disappointed you will be that Russia will outlive you countless times over.

Anonymous said...

Hidden Holocaust, USA
From Dirty Truths by Michael Parenti

“I’ve had grown men wet this floor with tears, begging for a job. We have to pray with some to keep them from killing themselves. So many say they just want to die,” says Charlie Tarrance, a director of a private social agency. His task is to deal with growing lines of despairing people looking for jobs, housing, and food. The place is Gadsden, Alabama, but it could be anywhere in the United States.

It could be Washington, D.C., at a Safeway supermarket a mile or so from the White House where an elderly man is crying and holding a can of dog food. When asked what's wrong, he says, “I’m hungry. I’m hungry.”

It could be New York City, where a woman begins screaming at the landlord who evicts her and her several children. The Bureau of Child Welfare takes her children, which distresses her all the more. She herself is transported to a New York mental hospital crying angrily—only to be diagnosed and committed by the all-knowing psychiatrists as a "paranoid schizophrenic."

There is misery and cruelty in the land. As U.S. leaders move determinedly toward their free-market Final Solution, stories abound of hunger, pain, and desperation. Such things have existed for a long time. Social pathology is as much a part of this society as crime and capitalism. But life is getting ever more difficult for many.

Some Grim Statistics
Conservatives are fond of telling us what a wonderful, happy, prosperous nation this is. The only thing that matches their love of country is the remarkable indifference they show toward the people who live in it. To their ears the anguished cries of the dispossessed sound like the peevish whines of malcontents. They denounce as "bleeding hearts" those of us who criticize existing conditions, who show some concern for our fellow citizens. But the dirty truth is that there exists a startling amount of hardship, abuse, affliction, illness, violence, and pathology in this country. The figures reveal a casualty list that runs into many millions. Consider the following estimates. In any one year:
27,000 Americans commit suicide.
5,000 attempt suicide; some estimates are higher.
26,000 die from fatal accidents in the home.
23,000 are murdered.
85,000 are wounded by firearms.
38,000 of these die, including 2,600 children.
13,000,000 are victims of crimes including assault, rape, armed robbery, burglary, larceny, and arson.
135,000 children take guns to school.
5,500,000 people are arrested for all offenses (not including traffic violations).
125,000 die prematurely of alcohol abuse.
473,000 die prematurely from tobacco-related illnesses; 53,000 of these are nonsmokers.
6,500,000 use heroin, crack, speed, PCP, cocaine or some other hard drug on a regular basis.
5,000+ die from illicit drug use. Thousands suffer serious debilitations.
1,000+ die from sniffing household substances found under the kitchen sink. About 20 percent of all eighth-graders have "huffed" toxic substances. Thousands suffer permanent neurological damage.
31,450,000 use marijuana; 3,000,000 of whom are heavy usuers.
37,000,000, or one out of every six Americans, regularly use emotion controlling medical drugs. The users are mostly women. The pushers are doctors; the suppliers are pharmaceutical companies; the profits are stupendous.
2,000,000 nonhospitalized persons are given powerful mind-control drugs, sometimes described as "chemical straitjackets."
5,000 die from psychoactive drug treatments.
200,000 are subjected to electric shock treatments that are injurious to the brain and nervous system.
600 to 1,000 are lobotomized, mostly women.
25,000,000, or one out of every 10 Americans, seek help from psychiatric, psychotherapeutic, or medical sources for mental and emotional problems, at a cost of over $4 billion annually.
6,800,000 turn to nonmedical services, such as ministers, welfare agencies, and social counselors for help with emotional troubles. In all, some 80,000,000 have sought some kind of psychological counseling in their lifetimes.
1,300,000 suffer some kind of injury related to treatment at hospitals.
2,000,000 undergo unnecessary surgical operations; 10,000 of whom die from the surgery.
180,000 die from adverse reactions to all medical treatments, more than are killed by airline and automobile accidents combined.
14,000+ die from overdoses of legal prescription drugs.
45,000 are killed in auto accidents. Yet more cars and highways are being built while funding for safer forms of mass transportation is reduced.
1,800,000 sustain nonfatal injuries from auto accidents; but 150,000 of these auto injury victims suffer permanent impairments.
126,000 children are born with a major birth defect, mostly due to insufficient prenatal care, nutritional deficiency, environmental toxicity, or maternal drug addiction.
2,900,000 children are reportedly subjected to serious neglect or abuse, including physical torture and deliberate starvation.
5,000 children are killed by parents or grandparents.
30,000 or more children are left permanently physically disabled from abuse and neglect. Child abuse in the United States afflicts more children each year than leukemia, automobile accidents, and infectious diseases combined. With growing unemployment, incidents of abuse by jobless parents is increasing dramatically.
1,000,000 children run away from home, mostly because of abusive treatment, including sexual abuse, from parents and other adults. Of the many sexually abused children among runaways, 83 percent come from white families.
150,000 children are reported missing.
50,000 of these simply vanish. Their ages range from one year to mid-teens. According to the New York Times, "Some of these are dead, perhaps half of the John and Jane Does annually buried in this country are unidentified kids."
900,000 children, some as young as seven years old, are engaged in child labor in the United States, serving as underpaid farm hands, dishwashers, laundry workers, and domestics for as long as ten hours a day in violation of child labor laws.
2,000,000 to 4,000,00 women are battered. Domestic violence is the single largest cause of injury and second largest cause of death to U.S. women.
700,000 women are raped, one every 45 seconds.
5,000,000 workers are injured on the job; 150,000 of whom suffer permanent work-related disabilities, including maiming, paralysis, impaired vision, damaged hearing, and sterility.
100,000 become seriously ill from work-related diseases, including black lung, brown lung, cancer, and tuberculosis.
14,000 are killed on the job; about 90 percent are men.
100,000 die prematurely from work-related diseases.
60,000 are killed by toxic environmental pollutants or contaminants in food, water, or air.
4,000 die from eating contaminated meat.
20,000 others suffer from poisoning by E.coli 0157-H7, the mutant bacteria found in contaminated meat that generally leads to lifelong physical and mental health problems. A more thorough meat inspection with new technologies could eliminate most instances of contamination--so would vegetarianism.
At present:
5,100,000 are behind bars or on probation or parole; 2,700,000 of these are either locked up in county, state or federal prisons or under legal supervision. Each week 1,600 more people go to jail than leave. The prison population has skyrocketed over 200 percent since 1980. Over 40 percent of inmates are jailed on nonviolent drug related crimes. African Americans constitute 13 percent of drug users but 35 percent of drug arrests, 55 percent of drug convictions and 74 percent of prison sentences. For nondrug offenses, African Americans get prison terms that average about 10 percent longer than Caucasians for similar crimes.
15,000+ have tuberculosis, with the numbers growing rapidly; 10,000,000 or more carry the tuberculosis bacilli, with large numbers among the economically deprived or addicted.
10,000,000 people have serious drinking problems; alcoholism is on the rise.
16,000,000 have diabetes, up from 11,000,000 in 1983 as Americans get more sedentary and sugar addicted. Left untreated, diabetes can lead to blindness, kidney failure and nerve damage.
160,000 will die from diabetes this year.
280,000 are institutionalized for mental illness or mental retardation. Many of these are forced into taking heavy doses of mind control drugs.
255,000 mentally ill or retarded have been summarily released in recent years. Many of the "deinstitutionalized" are now in flophouses or wandering the streets.
3,000,000 or more suffer cerebral and physical handicaps including paralysis, deafness, blindness, and lesser disabilities. A disproportionate number of them are poor. Many of these disabilities could have been corrected with early treatment or prevented with better living conditions.
2,400,000 million suffer from some variety of seriously incapacitating chronic fatigue syndrome.
10,000,000+ suffer from symptomatic asthma, an increase of 145 percent from 1990 to 1995, largely due to the increasingly polluted quality of the air we breathe.
40,000,000 or more are without health insurance or protection from catastrophic illness.
1,800,000 elderly who live with their families are subjected to serious abuse such as forced confinement, underfeeding, and beatings. The mistreatment of elderly people by their children and other close relatives grows dramatically as economic conditions worsen.
1,126,000 of the elderly live in nursing homes. A large but undetermined number endure conditions of extreme neglect, filth, and abuse in homes that are run with an eye to extracting the highest possible profit.
1,000,000 or more children are kept in orphanages, reformatories, and adult prisons. Most have been arrested for minor transgressions or have committed no crime at all and are jailed without due process. Most are from impoverished backgrounds. Many are subjected to beatings, sexual assault, prolonged solitary confinement, mind control drugs, and in some cases psychosurgery.
1,000,000 are estimated to have AIDS as of 1996; over 250,000 have died of that disease.
950,000 school children are treated with powerful mind control drugs for “hyperactivity” every year--with side effects like weight loss, growth retardation and acute psychosis.
4,000,000 children are growing up with unattended learning disabilities.
4,500,000+ children, or more than half of the 9,000,000 children on welfare, suffer from malnutrition. Many of these suffer brain damage caused by prenatal and infant malnourishment.
40,000,000 persons, or one of every four women and more than one of every ten men, are estimated to have been sexually molested as children, most often between the ages of 9 and 12, usually by close relatives or family acquaintances. Such abuse almost always extends into their early teens and is a part of their continual memory and not a product of memory retrieval in therapy.
7,000,000 to 12,000,000 are unemployed; numbers vary with the business cycle. Increasing numbers of the chronically unemployed show signs of stress and emotional depression.
6,000,000 are in “contingent” jobs, or jobs structured to last only temporarily. About 60 percent of these would prefer permanent employment.
15,000,000 or more are part-time or reduced-time “contract” workers who need full-time jobs and who work without benefits.
3,000,000 additional workers are unemployed but uncounted because their unemployment benefits have run out, or they never qualified for benefits, or they have given up looking for work, or they joined the armed forces because they were unable to find work.
80,000,000 live on incomes estimated by the U.S. Department of Labor as below a “comfortable adequacy”; 35,000,000 of these live below the poverty level.
12,000,000 of those at poverty’s rock bottom suffer from chronic hunger and malnutrition. The majority of the people living at or below the poverty level experience hunger during some portion of the year.
2,000,000 or more are homeless, forced to live on the streets or in makeshift shelters.
160,000,000+ are members of households that are in debt, a sharp increase from the 100 million of less than a decade ago. A majority indicate they have borrowed money not for luxuries but for necessities. Mounting debts threaten a financial crack-up in more and more families.
A Happy Nation?
Obviously these estimates include massive duplications. Many of the 20 million unemployed are among the 35 million below the poverty level. Many of the malnourished children are also among those listed as growing up with untreated learning disabilities and almost all are among the 35 million poor. Many of the 37 million regular users of mind-control drugs also number among the 25 million who seek psychiatric help.

Anonymous said...

This is Hector,

Out of all the amusing anti-Russian bigoted lies I've read here, this one takes the cake.


10) Yeltsin and Bush buddies in counter-revolution. Yeltsin had sold the 70+ years of achievments of Soviet workers to the capitalists, and left the workers living below the poverty line. Russians elected Putin because he wasn't a useless drunk, and was much more intelligent, but the false hopes for a better future under Putin was just that.

9) Explain to me then, what is the war in Chechnya about? Why were the western capitalists so eager to invest in the oil rich regions of the former Soviet Union? On the contrary oil in Russia is a blessing for the capitalist state, not for the workers who work under slave wages though.

8) By bourgeois standards all of their elections met the image of democratic in the imperialists' eyes. Russia is a democracy as far as the western imperialists are concerned, despite the rivalry.

7) If Russia and its ruling class are not capitalists, then what are they?

6) Did you know the Nobel prize only came out in the 20th century and applied to only western works?

5) Please provide a source for this empty accusation.

4) Bush breaking with the non-proliferation treaty, and developing more nuclear weapons isn't a violation?

3) Please elaborate and site sources.

2) Tongue twister. First of all Russian workers successfully overthrew the Czar and later the capitalist provisional government. Led by Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks power was given to the workers. The Bolsheviks then led the fight against the White Army and a U.S led invasion of about 17 countries. Each one was defeated by Lenin, Trotsky, and Tukhachevsky. Then it was the Nazi led invasion, that was successfully repelled by the Red Army. You obviously know know nothing of Russian history. I urge you to read some.

1) Probably the only one listed as an actual myth. Russian nationalists and chauvinists do currently rant about "Great Russia". But as long as Russia remains capitalists, there is no way forward.


Anonymous said...

La Russophobe, several of the statements you make here are not true. For example, your statement that Russia has never been govered by anyone other than a king or a person raised under communism. Russia has been govered by many people who wer not kings. Empress Elizabeth, Peter the great's daughter, for example. She was not a king because a king is a male monarch duhh! There have been several female rulers and people have even ruled as regent in Russia but were not crowned, such as Peter the great's half sister Sophia Miloslavskaya who govered Russia for seven years. So to say Russia was only govered by "kings" is not a true statement. Also, Russia was governed by the Provisional government of 1917. Prince Georgi Lvov and Alexander Kerensky were not communists, nor did they grow up under communism.

Anonymous said...

what the hell are you people trying to show with this site.I have never seen such a stupid site in my whole life...You all americans.jews.liberals.traitors t fucking asshole zionists are trying to joke with our nation and with our people cause you don t have as rich culture languege and history like us...keep on motafuckers do your best but dont forget that times is close Russain Nation nearly is gone rise again and kick your dare you soN of bitces talk about russian nation...OUR TİME İS COMİNG AND WE ARE GONE KİCK YOUR ASS REAL TOUGH.Like in 1945 nazis were on knees praying to us please don t kill me i ll be your dog i ll eat yor shit..But we show you enough mercy. this time we ll send you in the sky in your donkey hell...All slavian nation all Latin america all world will unite against dirty american west europen jewish zionistic emperialism and destroy your NATO destoy your USA and Money in which you trust like God...İn which you can see jewish symbols that fucking pyraid and eye which see everything...your owners are using dolls and givin money and makin profit from orange revolutions..they destroy yugoslavia soviet union...millions of people are dying every year because of you...We are gone kick your ass you are will pray to us want to suck our dick but we ll say sorry we are not as degenerate as you...We will rise again from ruins and rule the world with justice for real..not like you doing every shit under name of democracy human rights and so on..damn who is talking about human rights your owners build THE STATUE OF FREEDOM with SLAVES...Anyway we will rise again and write history again...Cause we are Russians. SLAVA ROSSİİ

Anonymous said...

ROGER WATERS “Leaving Beirut”
When I was 17 my mother, bless her heart, fulfilled my summer dream
She handed me the keys to the car
We motored down to Paris, fuelled with Dexedrine and booze
Got bust in Antibes by the cops
And fleeced in Naples by the wops
But everyone was kind to us, we were the English dudes
Our dads had helped them win the war
When we all knew what we were fighting for
But now an Englishman abroad is just a US stooge
The bulldog is a poodle snapping round the scoundrel's last refuge

Are these the people that we should bomb
Are we so sure they mean us harm
Is this our pleasure, punishment or crime
Is this a mountain that we really want to climb
The road is hard, hard and long
Put down that two by four
This man would never turn you from his door
Oh George! Oh George!
That Texas education must have fucked you up when you were very small

Is gentleness too much for us
Should gentleness be filed along with empathy
We feel for someone else's child
Every time a smart bomb does its sums and gets it wrong
Someone else's child dies and equities in defence rise
America, America, please hear us when we call
You got hip-hop, be-bop, hustle and bustle
You got Atticus Finch
You got Jane Russell
You got freedom of speech
You got great beaches, wildernesses and malls
Don't let the might, the Christian right, fuck it all up
For you and the rest of the world

Not in my name, Tony, you great war leader you
Terror is still terror, whosoever gets to frame the rules
History's not written by the vanquished or the damned
Now we are Genghis Khan, Lucretia Borghia, Son of Sam
In 1961 they took this child into their home
I wonder what became of them
In the cauldron that was Lebanon
If I could find them now, could I make amends?
How does the story end?...

Comments to the youtube video:
i couldn't agree more. some of the folks writing here are apparently not well-read, or have limited understanding of how the world works. IMO, the bush doctrine comes closer to being fascism than the Islamic authorities. i speak about how the rest of the world sees us.

Fascists don't look at themselves. That's why we need to make it very clear why being an aggressive fascist doesn't pay

Think this is what Jonh Lennon would do if he was alive by now

it s wonderful!!!the music the lyrics!!!this tour!!my best show ever!!!end off course fuck bush,the puppet in capitalism s hands and the rich american sionist motherfuckers!!!let the world be free in peace!!!