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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Sunday Funnies

How Many Russians Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?

As explained by "One of the most common targets of Russian political jokes during the Soviet regime was the Jew, often portrayed as a character named Rabinowich (considered to be an exclusively Jewish last name in Russia). In addition to being blamed for any and all difficulties faced by Russians as a whole, Jews were caught between opposing sides in major political debates as well. For example, those who hated communism blamed Jews for establishing and maintaining its power, while communist sympathizers believed that Jews wrote and spread jokes about their form of government." Here are some samples:

Rabinowich was ostracized by The Communist Party. One night, he had a dream that Israel declared war on Russia and won. He next saw Moshe Dajan on the top of the Mausoleum, welcoming a demonstration of Russian Jews who yelled, "Reform Rabinowich! Reform Rabinowich!"

A chairman asked Rabinowich why he skipped the last Party meeting.
-"I didn't know that meeting supposed to be the last one," he answered with a grin of surprise.

"Rabinowich," a friend asked, "do you read communist newspapers?"
"Sure I do!" he responded. "How else could I learn what a happy life I lead?"

Rabinowich works in the Kremlin. He sits on Spassky Tower and looks into the distance in order to signal when he sees the communist ideal approaching. Americans try to lure him to their side to help them predict when an economic crisis is coming. Rabinowich, however, refuses their offer, insisting, "I need a permanent job."

Brezhnev asks Kosigin:- How many Jews live in our country?- Approximately 3-4 million.- And how many would leave if we let them go?- About 10-15 million...

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