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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Yup, You Heard Right: They're Bringing the Tanks back to Red Square

The Moscow Times reports:

In a nod to Soviet-era festivities, tanks and missile launchers may return to Red Square during military parades, General Vladimir Bakin said Friday. The absence of military technology from festive marches in Red Square is temporary and was caused by a lack of funding, said Bakin, commander of the Moscow Military District. "The issue is being discussed. We have enough to showcase," he told reporters. Bakin will be in command of the Victory Day parade Wednesday on Red Square. Until a few years ago, trucks and cruise missiles trundled across the cobbled square past a viewing platform that featured the head of state and prominent politicians. At the height of the Cold War, military jets thundered above the heads of goose-stepping troops and veterans emblazoned with medals showcasing the Soviet Union's military might. Bakin said foreign military representatives used to come to Moscow to film or take pictures of the military hardware. In In honor of Victory Day, the Moscow metro will have war and victory songs, as well as poetry, playing over loudspeakers in all stations on Wednesday, metro spokeswoman Nadezhda Sokolova told Ekho Moskvy radio on Friday.

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