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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

EDITORIAL: Calling the People of Russia to Account


In recent days, we've reported on two amazingly contradictory developments relating to military policy.

First, on Publius Pundit last week, we reported on how Russia is delivering defensive missile systems to Iran (LR has also addressed this topic in the past). These missiles can be used to shoot down attack aircraft dispatched by NATO or Israel to take out Iran's nuclear-weapons technology (which, not by coincidence, Russia is also providing to Iran) in the event it becomes a threat to Western security.

Then, yesterday, we reported on how Russia is wailing to high heaven about the defensive missile systems that NATO is installing in Eastern Europe, even going so far as to test offensive ICBM systems designed to overwhelm the NATO defenses through the use of MiRV (multiple reentry vehicle) technology.

This is a new low in the crazed hypocrisy, utterly detached from reality, that was the hallmark of the failed Soviet state. Even if child -- but not a Russian -- understands that if you object to the use of defensive missile systems in Eastern Europe then you can't simultaneously insert such systems in Iran for monetary profit. Yet, just as the moronic Soviets did, Russians seem to feel that they can pull the wool over the eyes of the West because they're so much smarter than we are, and that they can in fact have their cake and eat it too. Do you dare to imagine, dear reader, how the Russians would react if in the immediate wake of a Russian decision to attack terrorist sites in Chechnya with SCUD missiles the US began testing a new Patriot missile destined for Chechnya by way of Afghanistan which the Chechen rebels would use to shoot down the Russian attacks? This kind of hypocrisy cries out to be called uncivilized, relegating Russia to the status of a banana republic like Zimbabwe or Zaire.

And believe it or not, that's not even what's most outrageous in Russia's conduct. Even if Russia had a consistent policy and a legitimate basis to fear invasion by NATO, its provocative actions in testing a new offensive ICBM are totally inconsistent with its powerbase, seeming very like the quixotic antics of the dictator in North Korea. In other words, the Kremlin's mouth is writing checks that its fists can't cash. The USSR, with twice as many people as Russia has and a much more vital economic system not dependent on the sale of fossil fuels, was easily routed by the NATO allies in the first cold war, arms-race conflict. What will now happen to Russia? Do Russians really imagine it will be something different? Russians, once again, are allowing their psychedelic fantasies, stoked by petroleum fumes, to control their destiny, barrelling heedlessly down a road that can only lead to their destruction. It's time to begin asking the question: What will replace Russia, as the Russia replaced the USSR?

And it's time to focus on the single most important reality of modern Russian life: The Russian people are responsible for this outrage, and deserve our contempt and condemnation in the strongest terms, followed up by a new cold war that will make the first one seem like a tea party. During the first Cold War, it was the vogue to claim that the Russian people were the victims of these types of crazed policies, that they were the helpless slaves of a rogue regime. That's no longer possible. As Publius Pundit reported yesterday, the Russian people are just as guilty of misconduct as the Kremlin itself. They are actively supporting the Putin regime, empowering it, in both elections and public opinion polls, and there is no reason to think they didn't do so during even the worst excess of the Soviet era.

In short, the people of Russia are part of the problem, not part of the solution. We trusted them once, and when the USSR collapsed we didn't take advantage of the situation as we might have done, certainly not a military sense. We've napped as neo-Soviet Russia has sought to infiltrate and reconquer nations all along the old Iron Curtain's folds, from Estonia to Georgia. We've allowed that malignant little troll in the Kremlin to consolidate his cruel reign of terror, all the while claiming we were giving Russians the benefit of the doubt.

That means we too are responsible, and we will answer to our children if we shirk out duty now, which could not be more clear. We must demand that the people of Russia take responsibility for their actions and turn back from the brink of disaster, or we must drive them over that brink with all due haste lest we find ourselves fighting a two-front conflict, one against radical Muslim terrorists and the other against the state-sponsored terrorism offered by Russia. It is hard indeed to say which one is worse.


Russian patriot said...

Is this a site for housewives?
Or for fools? Or run by a fool?
It looks like all the above.

Just look what she says:

"This is a new low in the crazed hypocrisy…. Even if child -- but not a Russian -- understands that if you object to the use of defensive missile systems in Eastern Europe then you can't simultaneously insert such (!) systems in Iran for monetary profit".

Kim, dear! What the USA (not the NATO as you say) is going to deploy in Eastern Europe is 10 (so far 10) Anti-Ballistic Missles. "ABM-System" in short.
They are designed to shoot down Intercontinental Ballistic Missles, the main strategic deterrent the Russia has against a possible attack from the USA or other country. If the USA strike first and take out 70% of Russian nuclear missles by that, ABM systems already deployed in Alaska and Aleutian Iselands (to cover the Eastern direction of possible attack) plus the one to be deployed in Poland (who says it is going to be only one?) to protect from the West, plus a few in Canada to close the Arctic direction (such plans are not anounced yet, but it is a matter of time) will be able to shoot down the remaining 30% of Russian missles if Russia strikes back.
The radar the USA are planning to place in Czech Republic will enable the USA "to see" through the Russian territory, (including Russian missle launching places up to the Urals).
To be able to develop such systems the USA abandoned the ABM-ban treaty with Russia.
ABM is a strategic weapon system which undermines the Russian Second (retaliatory) Strike capability while the USA get the undeterred opportunity to attack first (see

Now you understand why Russia objects such plans?

What Russia sells to Iran is a completely different weapon. Yes, it has the words "system and missles" but it is called Airial Defence System. Or ADS.
WWWII time FLAKS are the ADS weapon too.
The TOR-M1 sold to Iran is a high-precision missile system designed to destroy aircraft, manned or unmanned, and cruise missiles flying at an altitude of up to 10 kilometers (6 miles). It was introduced in 2005. Each system is equipped with eight short-range missiles, associated radars, fire control systems and a battery command post. ADS are in no way a strategic weapon. It is harmless for USA Air Forces if they keep 6 miles away or higher from the protected place. It is just like shoulder "Stinger" type missles put on a mobile launcher and combined with the radar and computer. This weapons are not banned for sale to Iran or any other country by any international agreements.
So your daring comparison of this two systems is laughable. They are not the same. It is like comparing a handgun to a ship artillery.
So take back your favorite word "hypocrisy"

P.S. I always kind of puzzled, reading your comments: Why? Why you write about the things you do not have enough knowlege and even elementary understanding?

La Russophobe said...

RP: The fact that you need to resort to personal abuse clearly shows how empty and stupid you yourself actually are. YOU repeatedly comment on this blog. If it's a blog for fools, you're one of them, you idiot.

The fact that you think there is a "difference" and that it's fine for Russia to sell systems to Iran (a rogue state condemned by the UN) but not for America to sell systems to Eastern Europe only goes to show how utterly lost Russia is. The Soviets said exactly the same type of thing, and now they are extinct. As you will be, you hopeless moron.

Go on with your psychpathic belief that America will launch a first strike nuclear attack on Russia, just as the Soviets believed. Go on with your hallucinogenic belief that supplying weapons to a rogue state like Iran is just fine. Soon, Russia will be no more than a memory, just like the "mighty" Soviet union is now.

Your statements are without consistency, utterly self-serving, and therefore undeserving of respect or attention.

Russian patriot said...

I learned to be rude from you. So, no complains please. And you misunderstood my question. It was if your blog was concieved by you as a sourse of information for the fools and the housewives? Do YOU keep your audience as such? If so, than I understand in turn why you publish such editorials and going to leave you with your audience which I do not belong to.