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Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Sunday Photos

Which is more inedible, the main course or the other dishes?

And now for something completely different, a car dedicated to honoring a mass-murderer who killed more Russians than Hitler, courtesy of EnglishRussia. The only thing more obscene than this vehicle is the fact that the owner can drive it down the street of any city in Russia and be far more likely to hear cheers or silence than boos.

Welcome to the Neo-Soviet Union!


Russian patriot said...

Stalin is not oficially glorified in Russia. They try to follow the balanced vew of his role in Russian History.
But the guy who owns this car seems to be a Stalin admirer.
Though his car, "Volga" GAZ-21 is a post-Stalin model. "Pobeda" (translated "The Victory"- copied from the Nazi-German "Opel-Capitan", in production 1946-1956) would be more appropriate for such a display of his feelings.
Thanks LR for the pictures. Not a bad idea to paint cars to express oneself. And nothing terrible about this particular case. It just shows that Freedom of expression exists in Russia.

Penny said...

They try to follow the balanced vew of his role in Russian History.

Ridiculous. Can the same acceptance be extended to Hitler admirers? Just how does one do a "balanced" view of a mass murderer?

The famines, mass graves, political murders, gulags, the show trials....I'd love to meet the idiot that can give balance to Stalin's infamous accomplishments.

You really reveal yourself as an immoral slob. Glad you reside in Russia and not here in the US with us.

Commenting said...

Like Penny said, does Germany have a balanced view of Hitler? He has built autobahns after all!

Freedom of expression sure exists in Russia, as long as you express your unconditional love in all things Putin and SSSR. Otherwise you are 'extremist'.

And I'd love to see our dear anonymous to correct our wrong ways about Stalin and dispel those oh-so-wrong myths about mass killings etc.

Anonymous said...

elmer here.

Not one thing about freedom on the car.

Slogans about workers of the world uniting.

stupid, idiot, schizoid russkies.

Russkies have no Christmas carols.

And apparently their concept of freedom is all about glorifying a mass murderer, a thug, on a car.

Lots of slogans about "victory," "work" and "defense."

Absolutely nothing about freedom.

Anonymous said...

The Scythians (Russians in antiquity) were known as the most barbaric of the barbarians..... Some things never change......

Russian patriot said...

To: Penny, Commenting.

Re: "... does Germany have a balanced view of Hitler? He has built autobahns after all"

Yes, why not? Why it is bad to have a balanced vew of Hitler?
It is always preferrable to have balanced and objective vews than one-sided and biased.

Penny said...

Only a moron of the lowest order could think that the cold blooded murder of 6 million unarmed Jews could be balanced with something good about Hitler. Evil is a zero sum game. Only an unethical nitwit would try to fashion a balance sheet.

You are one of the stupidest and morally craven creeps that I seen in a long time. You do decent Russians no favor representing yourself as Russian.

I need a shower.

Anonymous said...

elmer here.

I'm with Penny on this one.

"Balanced" view of Hitler?

What next? Stalin was a "nice guy"?

I don't mind factual views, because that reveals his evil.

Strange comment coming from someone who claims to be Russian.

Russia spent a considerable amount of time and effort tracking down Hitler's family, in order to kill them. Cousins, and other distant relatives.

I really am with Penny on this one.

Russian patriot said...

To: Penny

Well I know a few really strong Russian words to talk to the guys like you, who instead of holding an honest discussion want just to insult me and the Russians. Do you want them right now?
O.K. you will get the "trully yours only" after I finish defending my point.

When I say "balanced" I do not mean "justified". "Balanced" I applied, as you can see, not to the Hitler but to the vews, judgements about him. For me "balanced vew" is when not only bad things and failures are seen but the positive moments and achievements are not dropped too. Is it the right word usage? I thought it was.
At least, in Russian we use this word in such a context to show that all the sides of the issue in discussion are shown, both the approvers and disapprovers have had their say.
Stalin, Hitler-they are now the History. And they should be judged as History figures. Objectively. We have Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon. Were they evildoers? They were. Historians know that. But they do not hide the facts that the three were talented generals, popular national leaders and statesmen.
Nazis killed 6 m. Jews? Who says they did not? They started WWW-II? Who disagrees? They wanted to dominate the world and to enslave the other nation? Well, yes they did. And that was B-A-A-D!!
But is it historicly correct to deny that Hitler was also a brave man, a charismatic, popular leader, one of the most sucsessful state administrators in the human history, who just in 6 years was able to get the Germany out of the worst post-war crisis, to restore Germany political power and economy, create the best military force of the XX-century? It was the years when the Germany science and technology boomed, the German people got a solid, garanteed income and supportive social programms. Yes he built autobans and wanted every German family to have a car-Volksvagen. That was not bad.
Do his achievements compensate for the evil he had done? No they do not. That is why he was defeated.
But I do not see why the Germans studying their history must concentrate on 6 m. Jews only, and ignore those achievments in their vew of Hitler?

And now, I ask the respected audience(all but Penny)not to read further. I apologize if somebody reads and do not like it. It applys only to the poorly brought, rude person named "Penny".
I say this to you, "Penny-worth": "Пошёл ка ты на хуй!"
The closesest English translation of which is: "Go away and get fucked".

Russian patriot said...

To elmer

RE: Not one thing about freedom on the car.
Slogans about workers of the world uniting.
...about "victory," "work" and "defense."

It is funny how the foreigners with lack of understanding of this very complex country and her history see the Russian reality.
The car itself is a display of the Freedom of expression. What the guy made of his car is not the official vew of Stalin in todays Russia. There are a lot of anti-stalinists in Russia too. And people are not as tolerant to the different vews of the others as the westerners are. So the guy who painted the car has guts. His face can be beaten and the car smashed.

There are no slogans as such on the car.
There is the depiction of the Greate Seal of the USSR.
And the words about working people are on the Seal because they are the part of it.
Like E PLURIBUS UNUM on the USA Seal. Or IN GOD WE TRUST on $1 bill. The other pictures are the old soviet posters of Stalin time, and the words about "defence" are the popular under Stalin Physical Education propaganda motto "Get ready for the work and for defence."
The car is an old, antique one, from the Soviet 60-s, so the guy decided to decorate it with the Soviet motifs. I heard you removed the Confederation flag from Virginia o some other state's Seal not to offend your black people? Well, Russians are not that poltically corect yet. May be later.

Penny said...

Yes he built autobans and wanted every German family to have a car-Volksvagen. That was not bad.

Hey, nitwit, the autoban got bombed to smithereens and German families didn't their Volkswagens. They pushed their remaining belongings in wheelbarrels away from their bombed out homes. End of story. There were no positives on the Hitler balance sheet.

You are dumber than a rock.

Пошёл ка ты на хуй! in return, numbskull.

Penny said...

Let's try.... "and German families didn't get their Volkswagens."

God, I'm losing IQ points just reading that idiot.

Russian patriot said...

To Penny-worth

I am not a prosecutor at the Nurenberg Trial. I am a historian.
So I have the right to write and speak about all kinds of facts. If the sum is zero or even negative it does not exclude that one or more of the components were positive.
And I am not a jew, like you. Jews have idiosincrasia to the word "Hitler". I can understand that. So I rather stop talking about Hitler's acomplishments. Otherwise I am afraid I will be accused in drawing swastikas on the door of a synsgogue.