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Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Sunday Funnies: This Year's #1 Caricature

Yikes! Check out those claws! A caricature of the malignant little troll known as Russian "President" Vladimir Putin has won the World Press Cartoon prize beating over more than 800 works submitted to the contest held in Portugal, EuroNews informs. The author of the caricature is Swedish artist Riber Hansson. World Press Cartoon is one of the most influential international contests of satirical and caricature artists. It selects best works printed by leading international newspapers and magazines.

LR thanks an anonymous reader for the tip as to this masterpiece, which the reader in turn learned about from the Charter 97 website, now linked in our sidebar pursuant to the reader's suggestion as a Russia-related Belarus blog.


Russian patriot said...

A bear as a symbol of Russia has been overused, but this one is good.
A bear is a big, strong and intelligent animal. Can be agressive but most of the time is not. Awkward but able to fight back any attack by other animals. This is exactly what is on the picture. Putin looks strong, self-confident, not mean. And his message is: "We have claws. We are going to keep them sharpened. Do not mess up with us".

Good cartoon. More realistic, more close to the genuine Putin than the "face-to-skull" animation on "La Russophobe" web page.
Deserved the prize.

La Russophobe said...

George Bush also thinks he looks impressive.

So did the members of the Politburo when they had power.

And where are they now, Mr. Patriot?

You are more dangerous to Russia than any foreign spy.

Russian patriot said...

You are more dangerous toRussia than any foreign spy

Curiously. How come?
George Bush, as I remember, called Putin something like "deserving to be trusted".
"Impressive" too? May be.
The way how he is doing his job is impressive indeed.

"Where are the Politburo now?"-seems to be your obsessive question today. I saw it in your today editorial "Walter Uhler-..."

Well the answer is: Politburo is gone. The Last Politburo member, Boris Yeltsyn, died recently-let us forget about him ASAP for the happy future of Russia. The second from the end, Mikhail Gorbachev is still alive, but almost forgotten in Russia. Putin, when he is gone, will not be forgotten. His legacy will be the Russian Renaissance, he started in spite all the Russophobes in the world.