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Thursday, May 31, 2007

May 31, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Annals of Russia's Demographic Crisis

(2) New U.S. Congress Bashes Neo-Soviet Russia

(3) Annals of Russian Pathology: The Missiles of May

(4) If That is my Country, When's the Next Rocket to Mars?

(5) Point-Counterpoint

NOTE: Check out La Russophobe's latest installment on Publius Pundit, where with the help of Robert Amsterdam she exposes the outrageous lies the Kremlin is telling about the alleged protection from extradition created by the Russian Constitution, using this false claim as a basis to refuse to hand over accused Litvinenko killer Andrei Lugovoi.

La Russophobe continues to be the fortunate recipient of a great deal of valuable input from readers, as today's postings indicate. Two of the items (#1 and #4) come to us through the efforts of the readership, for which we express our gratitude and admiration. Submissions from readers are always welcomed by e-mail, and anonymity is assured if desired.

NOTE: La Russophobe is pleased to direct your attention to the charming slice-of-life Moscow blog "Moscow Does not Believe in Tears." The blogger describes herself as an "
avid, rabid LR reader" which clearly indicates that she's a person of exceptional taste and refinement, to say nothing of being a rare female, sister blogger as well. You go, girl!


elmer said...

Well, here's an interesting article.

Seems that there's been a survey taken of Russia's "most unfriendly" nations.

After all, Russia continues the sovok tradition of being "friendly" to everyone - meaning that as long as you do what sovok Russia wants, you're "friendly."

Excerpt from the article as to results of the top ten "unfriendly" countries:

Остальные позиции в "первой десятке" недругов России таковы: Грузия (46%), Латвия (36%), США (35%), Литва (32%), Украина (23%), Польша (20%), Афганистан (11%), Ирак (8%), Иран (7%).


Penny said...

I'm not surprised at the order. It follows Putin's political script.

Iran surprises me as Russia does business with them. No rogue regime is too craven not to make a buck off of or use to triangulate against the US.