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Thursday, May 31, 2007

If That is "My Country", When's the Next Rocket to Mars?

Just a question: What do you think the world would do if it found it found out one of Germany's most significant and time-honored pop stars had just added new song to his repertoire which sounded something like what follows, the lyrics of crazed neo-nationlist Russian pop star Oleg Gazmanov's "Made in the USSR" reworked by a reader? Mind you, this is based on a real Russian pop song which is basically the same thing except with Soviet references, including Stalin, that we've already blogged about some time ago.

"Made in the Mighty Third Reich"

Poland and France, Czechoslovakia and Russia
That is my country
North Africa, Turkey, and certainly England
That is my country
Belgium, Holland, Latvia, Estonia
Lithuania, Italy, Spain and Portugal too

I was born in Nazi Germany
I was made in the mighty Third Reich
I was born in Nazi Germany
I was made in the mighty Third Reich

The Kaiser, the Hapsburgs, Himmler and Hitler
They are my country
Brecht, Goethe, Heine and Jahn
They are my country
The Russian churches we bombed out, the ones that replaced them
The Reichstag and the first printing press

I was born in Nazi Germany
I was made in the mighty Third Reich
I was born in Nazi Germany
I was made in the mighty Third Reich

Olympic gold, the races, the victories
This is my country
Rommel, von Rundstedt, VWs, ICBMs
This is my country
The skinheads and beggars, the might and the ruin
The spies and Gestapo and the great scientists

I was born in Nazi Germany
I was made in the mighty Third Reich
I was born in Nazi Germany
I was made in the mighty Third Reich

Beethoven, Brahms, Bartholdy and Handel
Schumann and Wagner, Gropius and van der Rohen
We invented the bicycle and also the motorcyle
Oh! Our Navy, our Army, our Air Force, our Marines!

I was born in Nazi Germany
I was made in the mighty Third Reich
I was born in Nazi Germany
I was made in the mighty Third Reich

Beer, pretzels, the Autobahn, the ICBMs
The sturdiest women on the planet
Football, ballet, the best opera
Just tell me something we haven't got

Now Europe
is trying to form a union
And we're going to be the boss of the whole thing
Sure, we caused both World Wars
But hey, we also invented plastic!
Dissolve the borders, there’s no need of passports
Without us you’re nothing, together we’re friend

In fact, forget about the world. Just think about what Germans would do if one of their own started singing a song like this, and you'll see the difference between a civilized, intelligent country that capable of facing and learning from its mistakes (Germany) and a childish, barbaric state that can only deny and hide from its mistakes (Russia).


Russian Patriot said...

On the one hand it is the legitimate right of each German to be proud with German acomplishments even if they had been achieved in the time of the Third Reih.
On the other hand.
It is stupid to compare the Nazi Germany to the USSR. The two were antipodes and bitter enemies.
Communist ideology proclaimed liberation of all people in the world regardless of their nationality; justice, equal rights and happiness for the mankind as the goal. That was why the ideology attracted a lot of honest and talented people in the world. Like Pablo Picasso, David Sikeiros, Romen Rollan, Theodor Driser, Paul Robson, Pablo Neruda, Garsia Lorca and many more.
Many people helped USSR for free ( Rosenbergs, Red Capella)

The nazi ideology was proclaiming the superiority of the German nation over the other nations, enslavement or annihilation of the "undermensh" by Germans. This is why every honest human being in the world hated Nazis.

Gazmanov song is addressed to the former fellow-countrymen from the lands of the former USSR, and is about the shared past. It is harmless. He does not specify his approval or disapproval of the USSR. He just speaks: "We werte born in that country, we shared the good and the bad, we together were proud of what was achieved and suffered of what went wrong. Let's stay the friends and visit each other without all this unnecessary hassles like visas, etc.
What you find wrong about it? He just wants we have kind of the British Commonwelth relations.

La Russophobe said...

You could be right. It's quite possible that the USSR was far worse than Nazi Germany. After all, Germany today is a successful democracy while Russia is on the verge of extinction.

elmer said...

"Happy" Russia?


One thing that none of the neo-sovoks in any of the former sovok republics, including Russia, can explain, is why so many women of all ages, mostly young, have been rushing to leave with men - of any age.

20-year olds are perfectly happy to hook up with 60-year old men, just so they can leave Russia - or the other former sovok republics.

They don't have an answer - but the answer is very clear.

Putin and has favored oligarchs live in luxury. The rest of the people are sucking eggs.

Not even neo-sovok slogans can keep them in Russia.