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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 21, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Essel on Russian "History"

(2) Aron on Russia's Succession Crisis

(3) At Last! Kasparov Opens Rhetorical Fire on the Kremlin

(4) From Russia with Spies

(5) Bush Administration Betrays Democracy in Russia

(6) Newsweek on the Nashi Youth Cult Thugs

NOTE: LR is pleased to offer yet another wonderful, horrible instalment from the pen of translator/columnist David Essel, and cannot help remarking that the Byzantine ignorance among Russians which he documents can just as well be said to afflict the West in that, but for the efforts of heroic translators like those who honor this blog with their work, people in the West would never know this kind of thing was going on in Russia. And indeed, even though this blog is unrivaled among those of its kind in terms of daily traffic, the vast majority of the world's people don't read this blog and will go on laboring in ignorance as to what is really going on inside the neo-Soviet Union.

No one can read the entries we publish today without realizing that, with all due modesty, we've been right from day one about what is going on in Russia today. We were among the very first to make the clarion call of warning, and the world has been slow to respond. But we are heartened to see it is happening, better late than never. When we began to publish over year ago, it was "extremist" to refer to Russia as the Neo-Soviet Union. Now, it's conventional wisdom.

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