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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Marchers Don't Bother Putin One Bit

Another gem from the virtual pen of Ellustrator, and one which you hardly need to know Russian at all to make perfect sense of. In the top frame, Putin offers the quote that burned up the wires over the weekend, that he's not bothered one bit by the "the marches." In the bottom frame, the drill sergeant tells his boys they're going on a 15 kilometer "march" this morning which doesn't disturb the president a bit. It's a lovely play on words, Putin loves this kind of "march" and, because of it, he doesn't even see, much less get bothered by, the "other [Russia]" kind after this kind has cracked a few skulls and thrown a few hundred into the pokey.


Russian patriot said...

Are all Russophobes cheaters or just this one?
The translation and the interpretation by LR (KZ) of what is on the cartoon is totally wrong.

The right translation is:

PUTIN: "As about me personally, I am not bothered by the marches". (means the recent marches of the Kasparov's United Civil Front supporters, dispersed by the police).

THE DRILL SERGENT: "Soldiers! The 15 km. drill march we gonna have now in no way bothers our president."

Pretty flat humor playing with the meanings of the word "marches". No hidden sense or hints to the …so that "nobody will bother our president…
as LR sells it.

La Russophobe said...

We fail to see your point. This cartoon is saying that Putin loves the marches that crush peaceful protesters but not the marches of the protesters themselves. It's saying he's a jackbooted dictator and a coward, just like the Russians who support him. Our point is that anyone can understand the cartoon without translation, not to translate it. The fact that you would dwell on linguistic issues without taking a position on the subject matter is disgusting, typical ignorant Russophelia.