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Monday, May 07, 2007

Unknown Ukrainian Whips Russia's #2 in Poland

The humilation kept right on coming for Russia's so-called "dominant" female tennis players last week. LR reported on Friday how the overwhelming majority of tennis fans felt that Russia's top seed at the WTA event in Warsaw, Poland -- namely Svetlana Kuzntesova (pictured), Russia's second-highest rated player at #5 in the world and the highest-ranked Russian player who actually lives in Russia -- wouldn't win the event after three consecutive years as the bridesmaid, and she sure didn't.

In fact Kuznetsova, the #3 seed, didn't even reach the finals even though the table was set perfectly for her to do so. She was dismissed in straight sets in the semis by unseeded Alona Bondarenko of Ukraine, ranked #40 in the world. Losing in Poland to an unknown Ukrainian! It doesn't get much worse than that for "dominant" Russians!

Meanwhile, Justine Henin-Hardenne cruised into the finals, defeating the #4 seed from Serbia, and put herself in position to open an even wider gap between herself and Maria Sharapova in their "duel" for the #1 world ranking. In fact, that "contest" is a really a laugher: Sharapova isn't even ranked in the top 4 considering only her performance in 2007; she's currently ranked #5 in the world on that standard, with Kim Clijsters close on her tail, ready to knock her down to #6.

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Anonymous said...

This is elmer.

You might get a kick out of this one.

One of Shsrapova's "dream partners" is - Vlad Dracul Putin.