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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Forbes Interviews Limonov

Forbes reports:

Eduard Limonov leads the National Bolshevik party, a group with a muddled ideology and an incendiary symbol--a flag that fuses Nazi and Soviet imagery. Yet his group has joined forces with liberals and free-market democrats to criticize the Kremlin and take to the streets. We asked him a few questions about his goals, and how he hopes to achieve them.

Forbes: What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Limonov: We are working to replace that absolutely awful dictatorship of Vladimir Putin with a normal state, free elections, multiparty parliament and proper coalition government.

How is it going?

It's going well. I think we started a bit slow, but now we have good rhythm.

You seem optimistic.

I am optimistic because I have been in politics for more than 13 years, and never have I seen a situation better than today. We are successful in uniting the coalition Other Russia, and we have such different parties in that coalition with very different ideologies. In my opinion, that is a recipe for success.

Who is your preferred candidate?

I am for former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov because he will tranquilize our hesitating population. He's a symbol of stability. I am too radical to be such a symbol, but Mr. Kasyanov will send a message to our population that everything is all right.

Who are your allies?

Other Russia is open for joining by every political force except those who are in power. Otherwise, we welcome everyone. We are very interested in the Communist Party of Russia. If they will decide to join us, our likelihood of success will be enormous.

The Communists wield that much power?

They have a stable and loyal electorate.

What about former oligarchs? There is Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Leonid Nevzlin, Boris Berezovsky. They have raised similar concerns.

We do not have those names in the coalition because they are not political forces. But nobody will be rejected. If they want to help, especially with money, I see no difference between the money of oligarchs and another financial sources.

Berezovsky says he's spending $1 billion to force Putin to give up power.

If he wants he can help us. He can send the money.

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