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Friday, October 26, 2007

October 26, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Annals of Dubrovka: The Kremlin is Worse than the Terrorists

(2) Russia the Graceful Winner Shows its Class

(3) Another Triumph of Superior Russian Technology

(4) Putin's Russia is Slowly Destroying its Architectural Heritage

(5) Annals of Russians Gone Wild

NOTE: In a comment, esteemed reader Penny points out that you can sign a petition in support of dissident martyr Mikhail Khodorkovky here. Meanwhile, Robert Amsterdam reports that the European Court for Human Rights has just ruled in favor of Khodorkovsky associate Platon Lebedev, determining that the Russian government egregiously violated his civil rights.

NOTE: Should you have any wish to see what downtown Rostov or Novosibirsk look like right now, the bottom of our sidebar now contains links to Russian webcams where you can tune in to see these faraway places with strange-sounding names in all their glory.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Your readers might also be interested in this story.

The police tortured Aleksei Mikheyev in order to get his confession to a crime he did not commit.

It was so bad, while handcuffed, held by "police" sitting in a chair, he jumped out the police station window and broke his spine.

The next day, the young woman whom he had supposedly murdered returned home.

She had visited friends without telling relatives.

He sued Russia in the European Court of Human Rights - and won.

And, rightly so, he says that this is the fault of the whole system.

All those little russkies who stand by and do nothing, who kiss Vlad Dracul Putin's ass.