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Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Sunday Photos, Part I: Oborona on the Job

Caution: Russian patriots at work.

The Russian White House.

The banner reads: "We don't need a cowardly regime!"

"Say no to 'Successors'"

Above, Oborona launches a graffiti campaign to publicize the new Russian website ("Нет преемнику!"). See other graffiti images here. The banner at the top of Preemniku's site reads: "We want to determine the future of our country. We do not need 'appointees' and 'successors.' We will choose for ourselves!" The web address is a play on words. The group's name is "Say no to 'Successors'" and the term "say no to" is the same as the "net" in the actual web address.

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