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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Putin, Gone Amok, Equates Euro Missiles With Cuban Crisis

Vladimir Putin, in the best case scenario for Russia, is a pathological liar who believes the West is comprised of clueless stooges. In the worst case, he actually thinks he's telling the truth, hence being completely deranged. The Guardian reports:

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has said that the situation surrounding proposed US missile defence facilities in Eastern Europe has similarities to the Cuban missile crisis of the 1960s. "Such a threat is being set up on our borders," Putin said at a news conference at the conclusion of an EU-Russian summit in Portugal. But Putin suggested the tension was much lower than during the Cuban crisis when America confronted Russia over Soviet missiles secretly installed on the island a short distance from the US mainland. Mr Putin said relations between Russia and the US have moved on since the Cold War. He said he feels the US is listening to Moscow's concerns about its missile plans. Mr Putin added that his relationship with President Bush, whom he called a friend, helped iron out problems.
Ummm . . Mister Vladimir, sir? You do know, right, that the missiles the USSR put in Cuba were OFFENSIVE missiles, people killers, while the missiles that US wants to put in Eastern Europe are DEFENSIVE missiles, missile killers, right? Just wondering . . .


Anonymous said...

It sure is refreshing to watch Putin define the conversation instead of just answering the stupid assertions of morons like you.

The real reason the US wants to put radar stations in Eastern Europe is so that it can monitor much more of Russia.

The US is the aggressor and you are the stooge.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... and the NATO did not expand even by an inch, as G.Bush Sr. promised to M.Gorbachev... and there were mass graves of massacred Albanian innocents discovered in Kosovo... as well as huge stockpiles of WMDs in Iraq... It is enough to replace inert warheads on these "missile killers" with nuclear ones to transform them into "people killers", and with the USA being the father of lies it is, Russia has to take precautions against such a possibility.