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Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Sunday Photos, Part II: The Palaces of the Neo-Soviet Oligarchy

Forbes magazine has published a list of the world's most expensive private residences, and some of them are in Moscow, highlighting once again how Russia is becoming just like it was in Tsarist times, with a tiny group of super-elite princes ruling cruelly over a vast population of peasants. How long til the next Bolshevik revolution? Remember, this in a country where the average man doesn't reach age 60 and earns less than $4 per hours.

$100 million U.S. This property consists of an 11,700-square-foot manor house, two 4,000-square-foot guest houses and a 91,000-square-foot recreation center with a pool, Turkish and Russian baths, a gym, sauna and lounges. There is also an administration building and a reception center, the latter of which houses a movie theater and a Japanese garden. The property, listed through Usadba Moscow Residences, is just 15 miles from the Moscow city center.

$60 million U.S. Built in downtown Moscow near many of the city's embassies, this four-story, 15,000-square-foot townhouse is currently being converted from apartments to a single-family home. Inside, there are two gardens, two indoor gyms, a 25-yard swimming pool, six bedrooms and six full and five half baths. Located in a gated community, the home also has a five-car garage and two fireplaces. It is listed through Sotheby's International Realty.

$6 million U.S. Located 15 minutes from the Kremlin and the city's business districts, this 3,200-square-foot apartment is a combination of two flats. The property comes fully furnished, has roof access and window views across the city. In addition there is underground parking, which in Moscow is hard to come by. It is listed through Savills International.

$1.48 million U.S. This new construction building is within the Moscow city center, in an area that's a hotbed for developers taking advantage of the surging market. This 1,700-square-foot unit has two bedrooms and two baths as well as three balconies that take advantage of the view over the Moskva Channel and the city. It is listed through Evans Real Estate.

1 comment:

Taras said...

Russia is coming full circle, and so is Ukraine, to the extent that we share the same social stratification pattern. Our elites have the deepest of pockets and the shortest of memory spans.

Provided this trend continues, it's hard to know why 2017 won't be like 1917.