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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 17, 2007 -- Contents


(1) Another International Evaluation, Another "F" for Russia

(2) Annals of Russian Racism

(3) Russia, Into the Vortex

(4) Putin's Illusion of Stability

NOTE: Check out La Russophobe's latest installment on the Pajamas Media megablog, where she explains why Russia is becoming more and more interested in jumping under the sheets with Iran: In addition to a latent hatred of Western values that gives Iran's a run for its money, slowly Russia is becoming a Muslim nation.

NOTE: Yesterday, this blog passed the 300,000 page-view milestone. Congratulations to us (and by "us" we mean YOU)!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just can't help thinking of the irony of this.

"On August 30, 1958, Anna Mazepa was born in New York City, the child of Soviet-Ukrainian diplomats to the United Nations. She married Alexander Politkovski in 1978, became Anna Politikovskaya, had two children with her husband, and divorced him in 2000."

Ivan Mazepa is viewed as a "traitor" in Russia. There is an opera written about him.

Anna Mazepa was the child of sovok Ukrainian parents.

And she was born in the "great satan."