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Friday, October 19, 2007

The Russian Honor Roll

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin joined the Russian national government in March 1997 as Deputy Chief of Staff to President Boris Yeltsin. Since then, 211 Russian journalists have perished in unnatural circumstances (some in acknowledged murders, some in incidents labeled "combat" or "accident"). Here is a list of their names, dates of passing and official causation:

1997 4-Mar-97 Antonina Lukina accident, road

23-Mar-97 Vladimir Aliev murder, beaten
1997 gdf 30-Mar-97 Nikolai Mozolin murder, beaten
1997 cpj 1-Apr-97 Valentin Karkavtsev accident, rail

10-May-97 Alexander Korkin murder, beaten

21-Jun-97 Inessa Donchenko accident, road

30-Jun-97 Manuk Zhazhoyan accident, road

3-Aug-97 Andrei Pralnikov* radiation

6-Aug-97 Valery Krivosheyev murder, beaten

19-Oct-97 Lydia Lazarenko murder

20-Nov-97 Andrei Fadin (m) accident, road
1998 30-Jan-98 Vladimir Zbaratsky murder, beaten

2-Apr-98 Ivan Fedyunin murder, stabbed

6-Apr-98 Lira Lobach murder, strangled

20-May-98 Igor Myasnikov murder, stabbed

7-Jun-98 Larisa Yudina murder, beaten

17-Aug-98 Sergei Semenduyev (m) missing, kidnapped

24-Aug-98 Anatoly Levin-Utkin murder, beaten
1998 gdf 27-Aug-98 Mirbaba Seidov murder, stabbed
1998 cpj 28-Aug-98 Vladimir Ustinov murder, beaten

29-Aug-98 Victor Shamro murder

2-Sep-98 Farid Sidaui murder

4-Oct-98 Galina Mashtakova* accident?

30-Dec-98 Sergei Chechugo accident, road
1999 9-Feb-99 Valentina Neverova accident, fire

19-Feb-99 Gennady Bodrov murder

25-Feb-99 Valentina Mirolyubova murder

25-Feb-99 Nikolai Mirolyubov murder

4-Mar-99 Andrei Polyakov murder, stabbed

30-May-99 Alexei Kulanov murder, stabbed

30-Jun-99 Vadim Rudenko murder, stabbed
1999 gdf 10-Jul-99 Dmitry Kormakov (g) not confirmed
1999 cpj 22-Aug-99 Yevgeny Vedernikov not confirmed

22-Aug-99 Sergei Shcherbovich not confirmed

30-Aug-99 Lyubov Loboda murder, stabbed

27-Sep-99 Christopher Reese murder, stabbed

20-Oct-99 Supyan Ependiyev combat

29-Oct-99 Shamil Gigayev (cpj) combat

29-Oct-99 Ramzan Mezhidov combat

17-Dec-99 Alexander Loskutov accident, road
2000 Feb-00 Vladimir Yatsina* murder, shot

10-Feb-00 Lyudmila Zamana murder, stabbed

9-Mar-00 Artyom Borovik not confirmed, air crash

14-Mar-00 Harmut Shulz not confirmed

22-Mar-00 Luisa Arzhieva (m) murder, stabbed
CJES Apr-00 Sergei Panarin (m) missing
notes 17-Apr-00 Oleg Polukeyev murder, beaten

1-May-00 Boris Gashev (m) murder, beaten

13-May-00 Alexander Yefremov combat

16-May-00 Igor Domnikov murder, beaten

Jun-00 Valery Tokarev (m) not confirmed

19-Jul-00 Nikolai Kolesov murder, stabbed

26-Jul-00 Sergei Novikov murder, shot
2000 gdf 21-Sep-00 Iskander Khatloni murder, stabbed
2000 cpj 3-Oct-00 Sergei Ivanov (g) murder, shot
2000 M 20-Oct-00 Oleg Goryansky murder, beaten

20-Oct-00 Georgy Garibyan (m) murder

21-Oct-00 Raif Ablyashev murder

3-Nov-00 Sergei Loginov not confirmed, car

8-Nov-00 Igor Savin (g) not confirmed

20-Nov-00 Pavel Asaulchenko murder, stabbed

23-Nov-00 Adam Tepsurkayev combat

28-Nov-00 Nikolai Karmanov murder, stabbed

23-Dec-00 Valery Kondakov murder, beaten
2001 Feb-01 Eduard Burmagin murder

24-Feb-01 Leonid Grigoryev murder

8-Mar-01 Andrei Pivovarov murder

31-Mar-01 Oleg Dolgantsev murder, stabbed

13-Apr-01 Sergei Korabelnikov missing

17-May-01 Vladimir Kirsanov missing
2001 gdf 2-Jun-01 Victor Popkov combat

2-Jun-01 Lydia Gemma air crash

2-Jun-01 Larisa Maklakova air crash
2001 cpj 2-Jun-01 Vladimir Pivovarov air crash
2001 M 2-Jun-01 Yury Apollonov air crash

18-Jul-01 Dmitry Yermakov (g) accident, fall

11-Sep-01 Andrei Sheiko murder, stabbed

19-Sep-01 Eduard Markevich murder, shot

24-Oct-01 Alan Kalayev (m) accident, road

5-Nov-01 Elina Voronova murder, beaten

11-Nov-01 Yevgeny Smelyansky (m) missing

16-Nov-01 Oleg Vedenin murder, shot

21-Nov-01 Alexander Babaikin murder

8-Dec-01 Sergei Suponyev (m) accident

12-Dec-01 Boris Mityurev murder

18-Jan-02 Svetlana Makarenko murder, beaten
2002 27-Jan-02 Yury Baranyuk air crash

4-Mar-02 Konstantin Pogodin murder, stabbed

8-Mar-02 Natalya Skryl ** murder, beaten

31-Mar-02 Valery Batuyev murder, stabbed

1-Apr-02 Sergei Kalinovsky murder, beaten

4-Apr-02 Vitaly Sakhn-Valda murder, beaten

25-Apr-02 Leonid Shevchenko murder, beaten

28-Apr-02 Natalya Pivovarova air crash

28-Apr-02 Konstantin Stepanov air crash

28-Apr-02 Igor Gareyev air crash

29-Apr-02 Valery Ivanov murder, shot

20-May-02 Alexander Plotnikov murder, shot
2002 cpj 6-Jun-02 Pavel Morozov (m) murder, shot
2002 gdf 25-Jun-02 Oleg Sedinko murder, explosives
2002 M 10-Jul-02 Vyacheslav Savintsev accident

20-Jul-02 Firat Valeyev accident, road

20-Jul-02 Nikolai Razmolodin murder, shot

21-Jul-02 Maria Lisichkina (m) murder, beaten

27-Jul-02 Sergei Zhabin murder, beaten

18-Aug-02 Nikolai Vasiliev murder, beaten

25-Aug-02 Paavo Voutilainen murder, beaten

4-Sep-02 Leonid Kuznetsov not confirmed

20-Sep-02 Igor Salikov murder, shot

26-Sep-02 Roderick Scott combat

2-Oct-02 Yelena Popova (m) murder, beaten

19-Oct-02 Leonid Plotnikov murder, beaten

24-Oct-02 Maxim Mikhailov (m) terrorist act

26-Oct-02 Tamara Voinova (m) terrorist act

21-Nov-02 Sergei Dronin (m) accident, rail

21-Dec-02 Dmitry Shalayev murder, beaten
2003 7-Jan-03 Maria Andreyeva not confirmed

8-Jan-03 Vladimir Sukhomlin (m) murder, beaten

11-Jan-03 Yury Tishkov murder, stabbed

21-Feb-03 Sergei Verbitsky murder, stabbed

14-Apr-03 Alexander Vorobyov missing

18-Apr-03 Dmitry Shvets ** murder, shot

3-May-03 Galina Kovalskaya* air crash
2003 gdf 3-May-03 Julianna Nakhodkina* air crash
2003 cpj 3-May-03 Konstantin Kozar* air crash
2003 M 3-May-03 Ruslan Yamalov* air crash

9-May-03 Alexander Samultsev not confirmed

13-May-03 Julianna Bondareva (m) accident, road

13-May-03 Victor Bogma (m) accident, road

13-May-03 Yevgeny Golub (m) accident, road

3-Jul-03 Yury Shchekochikhin not confirmed

4-Jul-03 Ali Astamirov missing, kidnapped

18-Jul-03 Alikhan Guliyev murder, shot

7-Aug-03 Isa Abaev (g) missing

10-Aug-03 Martin Kraus (g) murder, shot

14-Aug-03 Galina Morozova accident, road

4-Oct-03 Natalya Astafyeva (m) accident, road

4-Oct-03 Sergei Isakov (m) accident, road

9-Oct-03 Alexei Sidorov ** murder, stabbed

24-Oct-03 Alexei Bakhtin murder

30-Oct-03 Valery Ovsyannikov* accident, road

30-Oct-03 Yury Bugrov murder, beaten

4-Dec-03 Marina Medvedeva (m) accident, road

15-Dec-03 Khanpash Terkibayev (m) accident, road

25-Dec-03 Pyotr Babenko murder, stabbed
2004 1-Feb-04 Yefim Sukhanov murder, stabbed

23-Mar-04 Farit Urazbayev not confirmed

2-May-04 Shangysh Mongush murder, stabbed

9-May-04 Adlan Khasanov terrorist act

9-Jun-04 Paul Klebnikov murder, shot

10-Jun-04 Alexander Kravchenko accident, road
2004 gdf 10-Jun-04 Yevgeny Makeyev accident, road
2004 cpj Jul-04 Maxim Maximov missing
2004 M 10-Jul-04 Zoya Ivanova murder, beaten

14-Jul-04 Yury Firsov air crash

17-Jul-04 Pail Peloyan murder, stabbed

3-Aug-04 Vladimir Naumov (m) murder, shot

24-Aug-04 Oleg Belozyorov terrorist act

24-Aug-04 Svetlana Shishkina (m) murder, beaten

18-Sep-04 Vladimir Pritchin murder, beaten

27-Sep-04 Jan Travinsky murder, shot

20-Oct-04 Alexander Klimenko accident, road
2005 9-Dec-04 Alexei Mikheyev* accident, road

5-Mar-05 Oksana Zelenko (m) accident, road

13-Mar-05 Andrei Karkin (m) accident

23-May-05 Pavel Makeyev accident, road?

16-Jul-05 Mavlon Radjabov (m) murder

28-Jul-05 Magomed Varisov murder, shot
2005 gdf 7-Aug-05 Sergei Gruzintsev (m) accident, road
2005 cpj 31-Aug-05 Alexander Pitersky murder, stabbed

3-Sep-05 Vladimir Pashutin not confirmed
2005 M 3-Sep-05 Nikolai Vinnikov (m) accident, road

13-Oct-05 Tamirlan Kazikhanov combat

3-Nov-05 Otto Lacis (m) accident, road

4-Nov-05 Kira Lezhneva murder, strangled

7-Nov-05 Yury Khaichin (m) accident, road
2006 8-Jan-06 Vagif Kochetkov murder, beaten

24-Feb-06 Natalya Neimysheva (m) accident, road

24-Feb-06 Gennady Yezhov (m) accident, road

24-Feb-06 Tatyana Ineshina (m) air crash

26-Feb-06 Ilya Zimin murder, beaten

10-Mar-06 Lyubov Gruzdeva (m) accident, road

29-Apr-06 Alexander Ivanov (m) accident, rail

30-Apr-06 Konstantin Laskin (m) not confirmed

1-May-06 Sergei Ageev (m) accident

2-May-06 Vladimir Kochetov (m) accident, road

4-May-06 Oksana Teslo (m) murder

10-May-06 Vyacheslav Zorya (m) accident

14-May-06 Oleg Barabyshkin (m) murder, shot

23-May-06 Vyacheslav Akatov murder, beaten

1-Jun-06 Pavel Kozlov (m) accident, road

25-Jun-06 Anton Kretenchuk murder, stabbed

27-Jun-06 Vladislav Borovitsky (m) accident, road
2006 gdf 21-Jul-06 Vlad Kidanov murder, beaten
2006 cpj 25-Jul-06 Yevgeny Gerasimenko murder, beaten
2006 M 31-Jul-06 Anatoly Kozulin (m) murder, stabbed

8-Aug-06 Alexander Petrov murder, shot

8-Aug-06 Igor Podshivalov (m) accident, road

17-Aug-06 Elina Ersenoyeva (m) missing, kidnapped

20-Aug-06 Maxim Rogalenkov (m) accident, road

9-Sep-06 Konstantin Aksyonov (m) murder, beaten

25-Sep-06 Vyacheslav Plotnikov not confirmed

7-Oct-06 Anna Politkovskaya murder, shot

16-Oct-06 Anatoly Voronin (m) murder, stabbed

7-Dec-06 Ilya Lukash (m) accident, road

28-Dec-06 Vadim Kuznetsov (m) murder, beaten
2007 20-Jan-07 Konstantin Borovko murder, beaten

1-Feb-07 Ivan Goryaev-Sandji accident, road
2007 M 2-Mar-07 Ivan Safronov not confirmed

15-Mar-07 Leonid Etkind murder, shot

1 comment:

Artfldgr said...

Glad the list made it to you. :)

whats sad to me is that its probably been updated and longer now. :(

though it paints a serious picture as to the extent of a problem that most people deny because they only see the top of the iceberg.

the titanic was laid low by such a process. politskaya, Alexander Litvinenko, these people prove that while Stalin was a madman, he was crazy like a fox sometimes.

"One Death is a tragedy, One million a Statistic"

[whats worse is that you can look this one up and i have found people crediting people for saying it first in 2007!! so the middle east players have taken this to themselves]

this journalists list is hard to ignore. it will be interesting to see what the apologists say about it. i will bet that it will be not much, and they will go on to other things. or they will latch on to what i call the insurance claim. that this is just a record of the natural outcomes of journalists who do a dangerous job. and they will bet that a similar study out of the pool of all journalists in the west would do the same. except they will convieniently ignore that in the west we hollar and such a lot more for every person who is a victim like these!! in fact, we are yelling more than the people that should be yelling!!!

its hard to conceive of a press that is free if this is what happens to them. accidents they deal with and accept as a part of the thing, but accidents of state, thats another thing, and it WILL make many think more than twice before they commit their minds to type, and commit their lives to others.