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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Defining "russophobe" and "russophile"

Who makes an alcoholic happy?

(a) The enabler who tells him how wonderful he is, and gives him a drink, or
(b) The intervener who tells him how screwed up he is, and gives him the number for AA.

Who makes a Russian happy?

(a) The russophile who tells him how wonderful he is, and attacks his "enemies," or
(b) The russophobe who tells him how screwed up he is, and gives him the number for USA.

The difference between a "russophobe" and a "russophile" is that while both "love" Russia, they define "love" differently: the "russophile" does everything he can to destroy the country, while the "russophobe" does everything he can to save it from destruction.


La Russophobe said...

UGLY: So the reasons why you're disliked don't matter to you? Yeah, that's classic Russian nationalism: Either you're a russophile, or we kill you. Reform? That's for the "mentally challenged." I guess, for a Russian nationlist, anyone not hellbent on self desruction is insane.

La Russophobe said...

NIKOLAY: The alcholic always tells people he isn't one. AA has a word for it, it's call denial.

La Russophobe said...


Are you accusing me of being schizphrenic? If so, have the courage to say so directly and then: Have I said I'm "perfectly sane"? Prove it. Have I accused anyone else of being "mad"? Prove it.

Russophile maniacs like you and Stalin are the ones who label their adversaries "mad" and send them off to mental institutions. It's the only way you can "win."

La Russophobe said...


If you don't know whether I'm "schizophrenic" or not then your comment about "schizophrenic" is completely ridiculous, as are all your comments.

You fail to point to any instance where I've claimed to be sane. Therefore, your comment is doubly ridiculous. You attempt to put words in my mouth and then blame me for saying them. That's classic mental illness on your part. You cannot point to a single instance where I've used a clinical term like "schizophrenic" to refer to anyone who has not used such a term to refer to me first.

It's also quite bizarre, to say the least, that you can believe I'm mentally ill and yet also believe you know how I mean words like "maniac." You really just can't think at all, can you? You just say whatever you feel like saying, heedless of its meaning. In other words, typical Russophile.

For your information, you ignorant clod, "maniac" means "a person characterized by an inordinate or ungovernable enthusiasm for something." There's no necessary connection between mental illness and being a maniac. A Russophile is a maniac for Russia. One could of course explain that by ascribing the enthusiasm to mental illness, but I subscribe to another variant: simple evil.

Your attempt to imply that your opponent in an argument is "insane" while you, apparently, are not is utterly pathetic, a clear attempt to avoid the substance of the argument because you cannot win there.

Moreover, if I'm mentally ill, then what can you say about your own prolonged discussions with me? Wouldn't that imply you're also mentally ill? Or do you fancy that you are some sort of psychiatrist? I doubt your profession would support your attempt to make a diagnosis based on comment exchanges on a blog -- that is, unless you're a Russian of course.

unerkannt said...

чувачок, да ты ебнулся, кажется. потратил бы лучше время на что-нибудь более полезное. гнилая интеллигенция блять

Kokoito said...

I'd change the definition. I mean, to my mind it looks like someone russian trying to explain why vodka is better than wine to a frenchman.

I suggest explaining, that a russophobe is someone with a high dislike for the "imperialistic" Russia: you know, the tzar and derzhava type of crap?

Unknown said...

You are just stupid ugly racist and loser. Nothing more to say.

Anonymous said...

я поддерживаю идеи которые высказывает Russophobe - вот только не поддерживаю терминологию которую он сам придумал. Русофоб - довольно таки жёстко! В конце концов быть русским не значит принадлежать к какой то партии или какому то культу. Мы не выбираем свою национальность. Другое дело ненавидить страну Россию - как саму идею, как государство и всех предвзятых циничных фашистих гадов что сидят в верхах и измываются над своим народом, набивают карманы за их счёт и вешают лапшу на уши.

Да российский народ в большинстве своём дурной и быдло, и ему всё по херу - от того и разруха в стране многовековая. Вот Украине не по херу в отличии от россии и народ там не быдло.
Короче хорошие идеи, просто надо бы поменять все термины на более подходящие, иначе тебя дружок тут пидарасить будут по полной тут всякие путинские нашисты-фашисты,жириновщики, баркашовцы, лемоновцы, коммуняки (хотя вряд ли они пользуются интренетом) и прочие отбросы цивилизации - не давай им поводу, ведь ты уж умней чем они.

Anonymous said...

Guys: Its much simpler than what you all think. This woman's real name is Claire. She spent time in Moscow and tried dating a number of Russian men. She got kicked around a bit and then she tried with some American expats in Moscow. No one paid her any attention and one night she threw herself at Mark Ames who was dead drunk but not pissed enough to sleep with am American. The rejection and frustration have been building up and you can all see that her hatred has turned her into a compulsive obsessive maniac. This woman spends more than 5-6 hours a day posting on this stupid blog and then goes to other blogs to post comments so people will notice her.
She is desperate for attention. All this time she lives on junk food and has become obese. She has not had sex in two years and she has pictures of Mark Ames and Limonov all over her wall.
Please do not hate her. She is really sick and pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Actualy I hardly could imagine woman, who would like to date with russian, not european. Most of russian females prefare non russians;)

Here is nice video about democracy in Russia:

Anonymous said...

Actually I hardly imagine a single sane Russian woman, that wasn't in economical trouble, that would prefer some obese Western idiot whose only advantage is his well-stuffed wallet.

Unknown said...

I agree with anonymous. Russia ain't an easy place to live or make a living. And I can't blame Russian women from wanting something better. I hate to say it, but for every one good russian guy there are ten дураков.

As to nationalistic, they're no worse then Americans. They've had little to believe in, in the last few decades.

And a Russophobe is a moron, who fears something they don't understand. Russians are both some of the nices and most hospitible people I've met. Ignorant, yes, but no more then your average American.

Мы все дураки

Anonymous said...

So, this is how democracy has to look? Funny, I would say.

Definitions has to be funny?! Maybe but, only for a special groups of people that are ready to accept a nice mind forming from professional PR.