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Friday, November 17, 2006

Russian Anti-Semites Run Amok

Back in June, the following article appeared on the Russian webzine KM.RU. It's a perfect encapsulation of the horrors of Russian racism, and we've only just begun to see them unfold.

For a bit of background, Valeria Novodvorskaya, pictured left (on the left in the image that accompanied the text), is another genuine Russian hero. A former Soviet dissident, in 1992 just after the USSR collapsed she created the Democratic Union party, on of Russia's first independent political parties, as a staunch anti-communist and has written extensively on Russia outrages in Chechnya (thus making her a target of Kremlin ire like Politkovskaya). Born in 1950, she began organizing pro-democracy activity as a teenager and was arrested by the Soviets in 1969 for the first time. She has urged Russians to wake up, observing that "nothing has helped Russia - not the memory of the Great Terror, not the 'soul- shattering prison camp literature', not Solzhenitsyn, not free association with the formerly forbidden West - 'to diminish the shadowy strongholds of his kingdom.' It seems that the lessons of their own historical experience just have not been drawn."

Here's how Russia responds to a patriot like Valeria:


A heavy feeling it did not leave the hearts of viewers during the broadcast of Vladimir Solovyev's talk show "To the barriers!" on June 8 on NTV. Solovyev hosted the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of the Ukraine, Nataliya Vitrenko, Alla Gerber, President of the Holocaust Fund, and the leader of Democratic Union party, Valerie Novodvorskaya. The theme of the show- was whether the Ukrainian territory of Crimea could remain part of the country without the protection fo NATO against incursion by Russia.

How can it be that a person can develop so much hatredfor the country in which he lives, in which he was born, which provided him free secondary and higher education, which provides a lifetime of free medical services and a free apartment? How can a person, having taken all these benefits, still fail to decline any opportunity to kick his country (although, to be sure, we cannot call it his native land, for names like Novodvorskaya do not qualify as native)?

How much spite do you have to bear in your heart in order to use the public airways (of a state-owned channel, by the way) to spew forth the propaganda of russophobia and humiliation of the inhabitants of Russia and Ukraine?

"Russia is a backward and barbarous country," Novodvorskaya confidently and with visible pleasure declares. "Our President is a tyrant and a despot," she continues. She ignores the fact that from 55 to 70% of the inhabitants of Russia, on the interrogations of different organizations, indicate that they would want to see the present President continue for a third term. Is that tyranny!? Whereas in the "democratic" USA the present President is entrusted with less than 25% of the population's support. But he, of course, is not a tyrant, but rather the "carrier of light and good and peace."

Choking with hatred and frothing at the mouth, the group splashes absolute lies across the airwaves and deludes the huge NTV audience, subjecting them to a flood of poisonous verbal diarrehea. Just like the Holocaust fanatics, who obsess about the Jewish victims of World War II and do not spend half kopeck on the mention of spilled Russian and Ukrainian blood, spilled indeed defending the Crimea itself.

Didn't it occur to ANYBODY at this publication that the religious persuasion of the speakers might possibly be irrelevant to the topic at hand? If this is what they say in public, can you imagine what they say in private? Do you dare? This is classic Russian nationalism, schooled propaganda learned under Soviet taskmasters. When Putin is accused of being a dicator, (a) make a personal attack on the critic, (b) attack other leaders as also being undemocratic, and (c) point to Putin's poll numbers. It never even occurs to these crude thugs to actually attempt a substantive defense of Putin's rule itself, to demonstrate actual democratic measures he has taken or any kind of virtue he might possess (a wise policy, of course, when there are none). And while they are happy to compare themselves to other countries where the alleged vices of those countries are concerned, whenever a virtue comes up (like America's economy, for instance) Russia is always "a different country" that can't be compared to the West.

The madness continues:

The speakers claim that the threat to Ukraine posed by Russia is so severe that the intervention of NATO is necessary, but cannot explain why. Instead, they rely on anti-Soviet attitudes that became obsolute two decades ago, and tired canards about the value of democracy in which Americans themselves no longer believe. Novodvorskaya, who previously struggled against the Soviet state, is now the enemy of Russia's new, liberal democracy. So perhaps the problem is not with Russia, but with her? Perhaps it is simply that she is against Russians themselves, in fact against Slavs, in fact that she is a racist?

To be sure, these are not easy, prosperous times for Russia. Let's admit it: they're rought. But the separation of the Russian people into separate states serves no practical purpose, and it occurred against their will.

So, is Crimea Russia or Ukraine? [LR: Ah, he gets to the point at last!]

It is Russia. We Russians all consider it so. [LR: What a surprise!]

In fact, all of Urkaine is the native land both of Ukrainians and Rusians, and in fact Belarussians as well. It is one civilization, one faith, one history, and dialects of the same language. Why must the Jews toss firewood upon the bonfire of stupidity and cruelty, trying to drive the Slavic family apart, fires lit by the treacherous Gorbachev, so much beloved by you, and stoked by the "democrats" Yeltsin, Kravchuk and Shushkevich. Why must they continue literally blasting away at the Slavic brotherhood? Why must they continue attempting to whip up international tension against Russia? When we Slavs regard you, Jews, we patriots of Russia, how can we see you as anything but a threat, seeking to divide and conquer us? How can we react with anything other than vexation and fear? Specifically you three, and such as you, by your actions contribute to the rise of anti-semitism [LR: Russians, of course, do nothing to contribute to the rise of Russophobia, it goes without saying!] by inventing ideas about "Russian fascism" and "Russian imperialism" and by ignoring the obvious fact that the Russian peoples of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia wish to live together as one nation in the unity and protection of a single great country. Indeed, your speeches and actions are crimes against Russia and the Russian people. If you don't like it here, why don't you just leave? If your goal is to poison us with your venemous saliva, then surely it is best if you go. Russia has conquered all and will conquer you as well. We, the great Russian people, wish to restore our unity, and we will strike down all those who stand in our way.


nikolay / said...
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nikolay / said...

Whoever says we're the same nation with the Ukrainians and Belarusians is most certainly an idiot. Of your caliber. It would be great if you ate each other and left us alone.

Unknown said...

Jews do NOT belong in Russia.
Russia is for Russians ONLY.
Nationalists are make phenomenal progress.