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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Reader Warning Regarding the New York Times

La Russophobe expresses her profound disappointment in the New York Times, a source of Russia news listed in her sidebar and sometimes quoted in posts. Readers must take care in critically assessing all information received from the Times pages.

The Weekly Standard has a horrifying story about how the Times is suppressing information about the trove of documents uncovered by U.S. forces in Iraq regarding that rogue nation's plans for developing weapons of mass destruction and supporting terror attacks against Americans.

Making matters even worse, the Times appears to be guilty of truly breathtaking hypocrisy, claiming that the U.S. government itself should not release these documents, arguing that they could be a blueprint for further terrorist activity. This is quite amazing since the Times itself has, as the Standard notes "published details about eavesdropping and finance-tracking efforts by the U.S. government, two of the most effective and most closely guarded programs in the war on terror" and "stubbornly defended that reporting even after government officials said the articles had done significant damage to national security. No matter, countered the Times, the public has a right to know." In fact, the Times' publication of U.S. national secrets dates back to the Pentagon Papers.

There appears to be an unsettling parallel between the Times and Russia itself. Both appear to be ruled over by rabid idealogues impervious to criticism who sit in ivory towers and fiddle while their domain erodes into dust. La Russophobe has already pointed out how utterly feeble the Times' is when it comes to trying to document the blogosphere, which it may well see as a threat to its survival. If the Times doesn't make some changes, it will implode of its own fetid weight just as did the USSR.


Fellow Peacekeeper said...

The New York Times is referred to as the New Duranty Times in some quarters of the blogoshpere.

La Russophobe said...

FP: Ugh. The next thing you know, Russians will be saying "you can't criticize our media, it's more accurate than the NYT!" The thing that's most shameful of all about them is their failure to stand up for their journalistic colleagues in Russia. Perhaps that's because the editors told us to "give Putin a chance" when he was elected -- which they had to say, since before that they'd told us Russians would become democrats if just given the chance.

Penny said...

The NYT's is a rag. If you took away the upscale advertisers which you'd expect in NYC, I'm convinced they's be gone by now.

Arrogant, agenda driven, disingenuous, they've lost all credibiliy.

One consolation is that their stock has fallen 50% over the past 3 years. Wall Street has spoken.

The internet is the great leveler. Putin will find a way to muzzle that too. Ony fascist Putin hacks like the one that infests this board will have a voice in Russia eventually.

Thanks, LR, for documanting the encroachment of fascism in Russia. It's a textbook study.

17 ugly raccoons said...

Ony fascist Putin hacks like the one that infests this board will have a voice in Russia eventually.

I think no, but thanks for your optimizm anyway.