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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Annals of Russian Energy Imperialism

Signs begin to appear that Russia will try to do with energy what the USSR tried to do with armies, dominate the globe. Russian energy expert Robert Amsterdam posts about Russia's current efforts to get a stranglehold on the gas industry by creating a gas cartel similar to OPEC in the field of oil, starting in Algeria. Just as with Soviet armies, Amsterdam points out that the world is turning a blind eye to the early signs, setting itself up for a much more costly problem later on.


winsc2 said...

As if to reinforce this thesis, note today (Moscow Times 16.11.06) that the KGB influence in Gazprom has been increased still further. Deputy CEO Alexander Ryazanov has been fired and replaced by by Valery Golubyev

"Golubyev is a former KGB, officer who served in the St. Petersburg mayor's office in the early 1990s, when Putin was also serving in the city administration. Both men are 54."

Whether it is from the Lubyanka (or Yasenevo, the former KGB Foreign Intelligence HQ) or from the boardroom of Gazprom, the same people direct Russian foreign policy.

Same old stuff...


La Russophobe said...


You have packed a universe into three little words "same old stuff." Not only the same from this regime, but the same as in Soviet times, and the same lack of resolve from the West as well. Russia is going to try to do with energy what it failed to do with ideology and we're apparently going to sit idly by until somebody bangs a shoe. Meanwhile, Putin apparently doesn't even have to build gulags to get compliance, all he has to do is make things go bump in the night.