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Friday, November 10, 2006

LR Announces Milestones

La Russophobe is pleased to announce the following recent milestones in the history of the blog (these are as much the achievement of you the reader as of the publisher and contributors):

  • On November 9th, we were happy to welcome visit #20,000 to the blog. To our knowledge, other than the spam-mongering EnglishRussia photoblog which is in a category of its own, only one English-language Russia blog in the world has more published visitation than La Russophobe, namely Scraps of Moscow, which has existed for more than two years and has recorded 35,000 visits. However, Scraps has not posted since May, so LR has the highest published visitation of any active English-language Russia blog in the world besides EnglishRussia.* LR is by far the most visited English-language Russia politics blog in the world. At its current level of visitation, LR will reach 35,000 visits in less than one year. LR beat Sean's Russia Blog to 20,000 even though Sean had an eight-month head start. Goes to show that bashing America isn't nearly as popular as the rabid anti-American set deludes themselves into believing.

  • On November 2nd, we celebrated our 7-month anniversary!
  • On October 31rst, we received profile view #1,600

  • On October 24th, we broke into the top 60,000 blogs in the world as rated by Technorati out of over 55 million under review. LR beat the Accidental Russophile to 52 Technorati linking blogs even though that filth-laden AR had a five-month head start on LR. Goes to show that telling ridiculous, propagandistic lies will never be favored over the simple truth.

*LR is always interested in hearing about English-language Russia blogs, so please clue her in on any you know about that aren't listed in her sidebar. LR has recently added a sidebar listing of Russian-language blogs for readers who may be interested in them; this listing is based on the major blogs identified by Technorati, which has nothing to do with visitation. Readers who can recommend highly visited (0r simply noteworthy) Russian-language politics blogs are invited to add to this list.

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