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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More on Russian Malignance During World War II

Edward Lucas has posted a wonderful review on his blog of a new history of World War II by British Historian Norman Davies. A single sentence reveals the most under-appreciated fact about the war:

Stalin's death camps killed more people than Hitler's.
Always ahead of the curve, La Russophobe has already reported on Davies' article in the Times of London. Lucas writes:
Mr Davies's biggest demolition job is of the factual errors and ignorance that support the complacent national versions of wartime history. One notable example is the British myth that says that the island fortress stood “alone” against Hitler in 1940, which rudely neglects the efforts made by the Poles, Greeks and others. But these pale beside the monstrous failure of the Western powers to appreciate, then or later, the nature of their Soviet ally. The biggest and bloodiest struggle by far of the European war was between two gangster regimes whose awful treatment of their own people and neighbours is unmatched before or since. That, argues Mr Davies, makes it hard if not impossible to say that the war was any kind of struggle between a good and evil side.
Davies' analysis could not be more timely. Will we make the same mistake a second time where Russia is concerned?


Penny said...

Stalin and Hitler were both thugs cut from the same cloth. Their camps and body counts speak to this. At least subsequent generations of Germans had the honesty to examine their history, admit their sins, and ask forgiveness. They could then move on and rejoin the family of democratic nations. Russians never have in any meaningful manner. Putin is an extention of Stalin. Stalin's camps will be back in time. If Ivan behaves, he can hope to be spared. Same old pathetic Russian story.

The Slavs are a sad and failed culture, shame based, docile, forever slaves to central authority.

17 ugly raccoons said...

Sick lion may be kicked by any donkey.