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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Sad Tale of Lost Anastasia

You may not recognize her if you are not a tennis fan.

Even if you are one, you may not recognize her half-naked and in a long, curly wig (but, in case you were wondering, yup, that's her very own nipple, a la Elaine in Seinfeld). Or, you may have forgotten about her, as her ranking has gradually plummetted since she won the French Open two years ago, the first year a Russian won a Grand Slam event.

But she's Anastasia Myskina. For some reason several years ago, she felt the need to take her clothes off when a GQ photographer asked her to during a sports-related photo shoot. She says he promised her they'd be "just for him," but then the dirty rat went and sold them to the media and they turned up every-which-where, whereupon Anastasia sued the photog, and eventually lost.

Can't say as I recall Chris Everett or Martina Navratilova or Lindsey Davenport or the Williams sisters suddenly turning up nude, can you? And it's Russia that has the big problem with white slavery and rampant AIDS, isn't it? I wonder if the two could be at all related?


W. Shedd said...

I can't see what is sad or wrong with a woman or man posing for photographs where they look beautiful. The photographer who used deceit to take these photos is shameful, but there is no reason to blame Anastasia Myskina.

I presume that you think there is something fundamentally wrong about the human body. That sounds rather like a personal problem.

Chris Everett and the Williams sisters posed for many photos and have used their looks to make money and promote products for many years. Rather strange that you would suggest otherwise. Martina Navratilova would have done the same, if she had that kind of appearence or reputation which manufacturers wished to associate with their products.

at said...

Goodness gracious... This one is even worse, if that's possible. Than the Sharapova post, that is. Why the sudden interest in tennis, Kim? Who are you? What is your deal with Russia, Russian women and Russian female tennis players?

Do you really have to know why? Because she is young, and beautiful, and naive, and innocent, and a brat - everything a girl - a woman - a Russian woman - should be.

You sound more and more like a petty, uninformed, jealous russophobe - admittedly even. People have called you an angry feminist, but I have too much respect for feminism to believe you are one.

Seriously, what is your deal? Did a Russian man abuse you? A Russian woman steal your husband?

at said...

One more thought - does it bother you how much you post and how few (as in none) comments you get? Either you block them all, or nobody cares. Which is worse?

Anonymous said...

What is the problem? Is she the first sportswoman to publish nude pictures? Just off the top of my head, I know for sure that women (not all of them, course) from the Australia Olympic Team had their nude pictures taken before the Olympics. Is anything OK in Australia with AIDS and stuff? I am sure there is. Or is it just that Russians dared to get into the territory that is a prerogative of the Western Society? I am very critical of what's happening in Russia at the moment, but do try to be less agressive and do not make wrong parallels. Good luck.

Daut said...

No one wants to see most Western tennis players naked. There’s no market because they’re just not attractive. Even if Lindsey Davenport ever had naked pictures taken of herself, we wouldn't ever know because no self respecting editor would publish them.

La Russophobe said...

La Russophobe thanks the commenters for their interest. She responds as follows:

W. SHEDD: You are not reading very carefully. Anastasia didn't think she looked beautiful, she thought she looked so ugly that she filed a lawsuit. And I guess you aren't aware that Russia has a massive problem with white slavery, prostitution, STDs and general oppression of women. It's rather strange that you would choose to grossly mischaracaterize what I wrote. I said that Everett and the Williams sisters did not turn up NUDE. At least try to be fair, can't you?

AT: My interest in tennis is not sudden, you have no basis for that claim. When you talk about a "young beautiful girl" I have no idea whether you are referring to Sharapova of Myskina, you seem to have them confused. You seem to me like a petty, uninformed, jealous Russophile, the kind that is helping Russia to disappear from the face of the earth and Russian women to live in subjugation and white slavery. Your comment about the presence of comments on my site is typical blind Russiphile hatred and personal abuse, the kind neo-Soviet propagandists always turn to when the facts destroy them. My site is less than one month old and I've been busy. I've only just started reviewing comments and posting them, as you can see.

ANONYMOUS: She's the first Russian who promised not to be Kournikova to do so. If Mussolini murdered many, does that make it OK for Hitler to do the same?

DAUT: You must be insane. Venus and Serena are two of the sexiest female athletes who ever played any sport, and they are highly sought after for such images. The difference is that they never promised not to make them the way Sharapova did, and they have 100 times the tennis game she has, with many more slams.

La Russophobe said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daut said...

I said most. Venus and Serena are the exception.

La Russophobe said...

DAUT: So let me get this straight. You think the world is desperate to see Kuznetsova and Petrova naked?

The fact is, you didn't mention a word about the Williams sisters, nor a word about Kuznetsova/Petrova. You choose to mention only the facts you like in order to impulsively condemn me.

The fact is, just because people want to see Sharapova naked doesn't mean she should oblige them. The women's tennis game is already not taken seriously enough because of poor quality of play, and Sharapova is only speeding up its downfall. She played to a half-empty stadium at the fifth major even though she'd just been in SI. People don't attend tennis matches to see T&A, the attend to see great athletics. Sharapova hasn't played a single great, thrilling match in her entire life. Her game is boring and one-dimensional and that is bad for the game.

By the way, have you changed the outrageous statement about me on your blog yet, where you claim I didn't publish your comments?

La Russophobe said...

For more response to commenters, see here:

See here:

for an example of how Russians butcher English-language literature and totally fail to understand the West, just as knee-jerk Russophiles fail to understand La Russophobe, who can even translate Lermontov (which she doubts any of her commenters have done):

(or read him either, or Solzhenitsin for that matter -- Russia also tried to silence Solzhenitsin, calling him all the same names La Russophobe gets. Neither is silenced!)

Daut said...

No, I'm gonna leave it up, just to piss you off. Did you retract your lie from Russia blog about Russia not having a permanent residency permit and about it being hard to get a visa? Just so you know, from

Russia Residence Permit
After obtaining Temporary residence permit and residing on its basis no less than for a year foreign citizen may apply for a Residence permit. Residence permit is issued to a foreigner for 5 years and can be prolonged for another 5 years.
Residence permit enables foreign citizen to travel to and out of Russia without visa.

Have a nice life.

La Russophobe said...


It doesn't piss me off in the least, it just makes you look like a total fool and that delights me to no end, so I hope you leave it up forever.

If you think getting permission to live in Russia for five years with an option on five more is the same as U.S. Permanent Residence, you really are a hopeless blockhead. PERMANENT residence means that you NEVER have to renew and keep your status as long as you don't commit a crime. All you are doing is spewing out the Kremlin's propaganda, and the Kremlin is insane and detached from reality, so you are just embarrassing yourself.

Unless, of course, you believe that five years is the same as permanent. I guess you might, if you're about 95 years old. :)

Daut said...

From La Russophobe, posted to the Russia Blog:

COUNTERPOINT: If you are not American, you probably don't know how difficult it is to get a visa just to visit Russia, and you don't know that Russia has no status like "permanent resident" that it offers to Americans as America offers to Russians, so no American can get a Russian "green card."

Please do a quick google search to compare the complexities of the process for an entry visa to Russia and to an entry visa to America, as well as the requirements for a green card and citizenship in America and a residency permit and citizenship in Russia. If it is too complicated for you to get a visa to Russia, I am happy with the system the way it is.

La Russophobe said...

DAUT: Everyone can see how, when proven wrong, you suddenly change the subject, as those who try to defend Russia always must do.

First you say Russia has "permanent" residence just like America. Then it turns out you are LYING, and a person can only get permission to live in Russia for FIVE YEARS at a time, not permanently.

Then, instead of APOLOGIZING for your lie, you make up a new one.

Now you say it is harder to get an ENTRY visa to the US than to get one for Russia. Yet, you don't specify the differences in requirements, you tell the reader to go do your work for you.

That is just plain pathetic, a neat encapsulation of why Russia is a total failure as a nation.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it was more difficult to enter America than Russia, since EVERYBODY wants to enter America and NOBODY wants to enter Russia, except Russians who have been kicked out of other countries in the former Soviet empire. So when there is competition, there are higher standards.

But despite all that difficulty, FAR MORE people from Europe enter America than enter Russia. America receives BILLIONS more dollars from tourists than Russia gets.

In other words, you're wrong AGAIN.

MHN Parée said...

Can't say as I recall Chris Everett or Martina Navratilova or Lindsey Davenport or the Williams sisters suddenly turning up nude, can you?

Sure the hell can't remember any edition of the "Spooks n u" with non-clothed Serena on the cover, unless ALL THE MOTHERS of the world have hidden it up from their young children.

AFAIK,Venus did model once, in clothes tho, thank god!