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Monday, April 24, 2006

La Russophobe Fires Back at Psycho-Commenter

You may know, dear reader, that the inaugral post on this blog appeared on April 2nd of this month, 26 days ago. In other words, this blog has not even celebrated its one month birthday yet.

You may also know that the first post gave fair warning that maniacal commenters would get the just desserts.

Nevertheless, La Russophobe received the following comment from someone who calls themself "AT" when the blog was barely two weeks old:

Does it bother you how much you post and how few (as in none) comments you get? Either you block them all, or nobody cares. Which is worse?

Interestingly, "AT" has been a member of blogspot since January, and has only 12 profile views, while La Russophobe, who has been a member for less than one-sixth as long, has 96 views. But "AT" didn't care to mention that fact.

AT also doesn't say whether he/she has her/his own blog, and if so how many comments it received in its first few weeks.

Interestingly, too, "AT" ignores, as just one example, the dozens upon dozens of comments La Russophobe has received on other more established websites such as Russiablog.

Most interestingly of all, "AT" ignore the fact that THIS WEBSITE WAS ONLY TWO WEEKS OLD when "AT" made her "comment," and the first round of comments, including AT's own, had yet to be reviewed and published. Amazing as it may seem, La Russophobe has one or two more important things to do than review comments, but she always gets around to them. Now, a number of comments are available for all to see.

In other words, "AT" is a classic Russophile. When confronted with facts that make him/her (and/or Rusisa) look foolish, he/she reponds with personal abuse and hatred, similar to that displayed often by the Russophiles who go around murdering dark-skinned stuents of the "wrong color" throughout Russia. It's just the tactic the KGB always used to use, President Putin knows it very well. What's more, they typically invent and pervert their own set of facts, such as implying that blog not even one month old should be full of comments. In other words, they're quite insane.

"AT" goes on to write:

Goodness gracious... This one is even worse, if that's possible. Than the Sharapova post, that is. Why the sudden interest in tennis, Kim? Who are you? What is your deal with Russia, Russian women and Russian female tennis players?Do you really have to know why? Because she is young, and beautiful, and naive, and innocent, and a brat - everything a girl - a woman - a Russian woman - should be.You sound more and more like a petty, uninformed, jealous russophobe - admittedly even. People have called you an angry feminist, but I have too much respect for feminism to believe you are one.Seriously, what is your deal? Did a Russian man abuse you? A Russian woman steal your husband?

By "this one" little miss/mister "AT" means the post about Anastasia Myskina.

Now how is this comment bogus? Let me count the ways:

1. La Russophobe's interst in tennis is not sudden. She has been a fan since she was a child and played competitive tennis in college.

2. Shouldn't a Russian woman be one thing more: A resident of Russia, rather than Florida? And does she really HAVE to sell her body to Americans in order to be Russian? Can't she be satisfied with millions of dollars in endorsement deals, keeping it all for herself and giving none of it back to her impoverished brothers and sisters in Siberia?

3. Which post makes the writer seem more "petty, uninformed, jealous" -- mine or AT's?

4. AT asks who I am. Does he/she tell us who he/she is? Hmmm . . . or is she/he one of the world's great Russophile hypocrites?

5. Why does AT resort to crude personal abuse in the manner of a Russian neo-Nazi? Could it be that he/she is uncomfortable with facts?

6. Does this wacko really believe that the only way a person could think negative thoughts about Russia, a nation ruled over by a proud KGB spy who has abolished elections in local government and brought back the Stalin anthem, is if their Russian lover kicked them to curb? If so, wow, that's REALLY a space cadet.

In closing, let me say that this moron is a classic example of just why Russia is disappearing from the face of the earth. Every year its population gets smaller, while knuckleheads like this go on preening and saying how wonderful Russia is and how just plain evil anyone who dares to criticize it is. In other words, such people are Soviets in Russian clothing in the Neo-Soviet Union. They'll go on blabbering this hate-filled, dishonest garbage until Russia literally ceases to exist.

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