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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kremlin Launches Propaganda Attack on NGOs

The Moscow Times reveals the crude propaganda campaign instituted by the Putin regime against "evil" foreign charities:

The Moscow City Duma urged President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday to restrict the activities of foreign nongovernmental organizations that fight HIV/AIDS, saying they "encourage pedophilia, prostitution and the use of drugs among teenagers."

Foreign NGOs condemned the appeal as a new attempt by authorities to discredit their work.
The City Duma passed a nonbinding resolution that accused foreign NGOs of "corrupting the people's morale and health" and called for Russia to develop a homegrown prevention program.
"The implementation of [foreign programs] is facilitating the growth of HIV infections rather than prevention," said the resolution, which was drafted by United Russia Deputy Lyudmila Stebenkova.

The appeal was backed by the legislature's 28 United Russia deputies and four Communist deputies, while the remaining three, from Yabloko, abstained.

Stebenkova's spokeswoman, Veronika Kochetova, said the resolution was drawn up after United Russia deputies received a copy of an April 12 petition to Putin signed by 6,000 parents in Yekaterinburg. The petition criticized a short cartoon that it said was distributed by a local NGO, Kholis, and being shown in schools.

Kochetova said the cartoon showed a man inviting a child to ride in his car. An older boy warns the child that the man wants to have sex and could infect him with HIV. The cartoon ends with the man throwing the naked child out of the car.

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