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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

President Bush is Dictator Putin's Best Friend

Despite Russia selling weapons to Iran that can be used to destroy American ships in the Persian Gulf;

Despite Russia giving US military secrets to Iraq during the Gulf War that were used to kill American soliders;

Despite Russia's abolishing the election of regional governors and now local mayors in favor of Kremlin appointment;

Despite Russia's ressurection of the Soviet National anthem, written to glorify the mass-murderer Josef Stalin;

Despite all that, as the New York Times reports, President Bush remains Putin's best friend, refusing to boycott the G-8 meeting this summer in St. Petersburg and doing NOTHING so far to retaliate for Russia's ourageous conduct.

Isn't it ironic? President Bush, who Russia hates because of the attack on Iraq, is Russia's best friend.

Can you just imagine who Russia's enemies are?

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