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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Katyn Forest Massacre Anniversary

As CNN reported, this spring marks the 46th anniversary of the murder of 4,000 Polish officers in cold blood by Soviet troops and KGB agents following the conquest of Poland by Russia in World War II.

Despite knowing the pain of conquest through the destruction of such cities as Stalingrad, Russians nevertheless did not hesitate to inflict even more barbaric suffering on their tiny neighbor Poland.

Russia feared it could not hold Poland as a slave state if her brave officers lived, so it marched them into the Katyn forest and cut them down in cold blood, one of the most despicable acts of cowardice and dishonor in all of military history.

When the mass grave was discovered years later, Russia tried to blame the crime on Nazi Germany, and to this day has done nothing to atone for it.

Will Russia remember Katyn this spring? How about in four years on the 50th anniversary?

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