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Monday, April 24, 2006

Another Race Murder in Russia!

The Moscow Times reports on yet another killing of a dark-skinned student by Russian racists:

An Armenian teenager standing on a crowded metro platform in the heart of the city was stabbed to death Saturday by an unknown attacker.

The slaying of Vagan Abramyants, 17, took place around 5 p.m. at the Pushkinskaya metro station as the boy was en route to an Orthodox Easter party.

A train heading to Vykhino entered the station, and seven young men got off. Abramyants, who was with 11 acquaintances, was unexpectedly attacked.

Interfax, citing police reports, reported that one of the men stabbed Abramyants in the chest and that all of them fled on the departing train. Abramyants died on the spot.

Witnesses said the attackers had shaved heads, black clothes and boots, police said.

Abramyants' death was the latest in a string of attacks across Russia on dark-skinned people from the Caucasus, Asia, Africa and elsewhere.

Two weeks ago, a Senegalese student was shot dead with a gun with a swastika on it. A young man shouting "Heil Hitler" stormed into a central Moscow synagogue earlier this year, stabbing worshipers.

After the attack on Abramyants, dozens of police officers formed a semicircle around the body, which lay sprawled in the central corridor of the metro station, as shoppers, kids and couples streamed past.

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