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Sunday, April 16, 2006

1,500 Brave Russian Patriots Rally Against Putin's Media Attacks

The Moscow Times reports:

On the fifth anniversary of Gazprom's takeover of NTV television, some 1,500 protesters and several prominent former NTV journalists rallied Sunday on Pushkin Square to demand greater media freedom and a television free of Kremlin control.

The protesters -- many of them pensioners who pledged to listen only to independent Ekho Moskvy radio -- gathered at 1 p.m., waving Russian flags, wearing "I'm free" pins, and holding posters reading, "Kremlin, get away from TV," or "Take the remote control away from Putin."

Many also wore T-shirts and pins calling for the release of jailed Yukos founder Mikhail Khodorkovsky and chanted "Censorship today, dictatorship tomorrow." Behind a Channel One cameraman, protesters held a poster reading, "Channel One, stop lying."


Anonymous said...

Does Russia have the same problems with internet censorship as China? Can people there look to the internet for a more free flow of information? Here in the US we can hardly count on the most readily available traditional news sources either but the internet offers so many options including this blog. Russophobe, could I read your blog in Russia? I just read a couple of interesting articles in Vice Magazine online - . They are doing a Russia issue this month. Have you seen it? There are a couple of nuggets in there.

La Russophobe said...

Hello Jansen,

Thank you for your interest in La Russophobe.

Russia has exactly the same problems that China has, except that unlike China Russia is governed by a proud member of the secret police, so Russia's problems are even worse.

I haven't seen the material you reference but I will have a look at it. La Russophobe always welcomes submission of interesting information for inclusion on the blog.