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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kremlin Loses in Ukraine Once Again

As Reuters reports, in the recent national elections in Ukraine Moscow's puppet Victor Yanukovich won only 32% of the vote, less than he received in 2004 when he lost to the pro-US candidate Victor Yushchenko. Yanukovich was rejected by more than two out of every three Ukrainians who went to the polls, while the Orange Coalition that opposed him in 2004 easily exceeded Yanukovich's tally and formed a governing coalition.

Bitter defeat for Moscow once again, especially since in the run-up to the elections many Russian nationalists had been crowing about how they would once again take control of Ukraine. Despite the crude neo-Soviet tactics of the Kremlin, which included poisoning Yushchenko and blackmailing the nation by cutting of its flow of natural gas for home heat during the winter, brave Ukrainians spit in the eye of Moscow and declared their permanent intention to break from the neo-Soviet Union and join the West.

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