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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Russia: Selfish to the Nth Degree on Terrorism

Sean's Russia Blog explains the standard by which Russia determines if a group is terrorist or not.

The first element of Russia's definition is: "carrying out activities that set to change the Constitution of the Russian Federation by violence, armed methods, which include a number of terrorist methods."

In other words, in Russia's view the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka and the Shining Path of Peru and the Irish Republican Army are not terrorist organizations because they don't care about Russia (or probably even know it exists). In the same way, Hamas and Hezbollah are not terrorists.

If, by this definition, Al Quaeda had nothing against Russia and only wanted to kill Americans in New York City, they would not be terrorists as far as Russians are concerned.

Of course, if the Kremlin actually applied this test, it would find out that Vladimir Putin, who hates the Russian Constitution more than anyone, is the biggest "terrorist" of them all.

Welcome back to the USSR! Russians care about nothing and nobody but themselves, and tell the rest of the world to go to hell. That is, until they start running out of food, or until somebody applies a similar definition to the Chechen rebels and says they are not terrorists. Then everytying changes.


johnnie b. baker said...

you're an idiot.

and better people than you have called me a terrorist.

La Russophobe said...

you're a terrorist, and i'm glad to see that many people agree with me, but it wouldn't change my opinion if they did. one look at your photo really says all that needs to be said, and your words eliminate all doubt.

johnnie b. baker said...

and your photo and words proves, like dostoevsky, that you're a facsist.

La Russophobe said...

Oh, which words are those? My endless struggle to expose racism in Russia? My attacks on attempts to control the press? My calls for democratic elections in Russia?

If you think Dosteovsky was a fascist you probably think Gandhi was a Nazi.

In other words, you're a total moron.

johnnie b. baker said...

doestoevsky was a reactionary anti-semite, as well as being a great writer. so is celine, was was a real live hitler-loving fascist, or knut hamsen. many of dostoevsky's ideas were what many scholars consider proto-fascist. it is not only me who believes so.

as far as your 'endless struggle' and other self-important ramblings, it seems obvious to me that you hate russia, as the name of your blog supports. while russia has many terrible problems, to make statements that 'russians care about nothing and nobody but themselves' or that russia is 'pathologically dishonest (like america isn't?) is simply mean-spirited and untrue. such superior and smug criticisms of russia is one of the reasons that some, not all, russians reject the ideas you espouse.

but i do agree with you on one thing, i am a moron, for continuing even looking at your blog, which is mostly just reprints of what other people have written. of course, i guess i should expect as much from such an original thinker as yourself.

i have decided to contact the other members of my terrorist cell about you, so be extra careful around people wearing trenchcoats with odd bulges around their waste and go by the name shamil or murad. nobody can escape the wath of allah!

jihad mother fucker!

La Russophobe said...

There I was trying to hide my hatred of the Neo-Soviet Union and you go an use your brilliant mind to notice I'm called La Russophobe. You're just way too smart for me, Mr. Genius.

Meanwhile, you love Neo-Soviet Russia and are helping to condemn the Russians you love to decades more hardship and despair under its jackboot. Thanks, you great civil libertarian democrat!