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Saturday, August 12, 2006

They're Worrying about Terrorists??

Isn't it ironic?

La Russophobe has already documented a litany of airplane problems in Neo-Soviet Russia. First, in early July, there was the crash of an A-310 near Irkutsk, killing 124. Then a day later three more Russian planes were forced to make emergency landings. One was anotehr A-310 which had engine problems, a second was a TU-134 and the third was a TU-154.

Now, the Kremlin has announced its intention to shoot down civilian aircraft taken by terrorists. In fact, the Kremlin's own policies are obviously far more dangerous to Russian air travelers than any terrorist action. This is to say nothing of the possiblity for error in decisionmaking over such an attack on a civilian plane.


Debbie said...

That's scary stuff about Russia. I agree the planes need to be shot down 'IF ALL ELSE FAILS' before they are allowed to be used as on 9/11. But gee, give the folks a fighting chance.

Right Truth

La Russophobe said...

Debbie: Thanks for the comment. The really scary thing is that Russia has no experience with the use of airplanes as weapons against it. Attacks by Chechens against Russia have taken much different forms. So not only is Russia seemingly deciding to shoot down planes for no reason, but it is clearly ignoring other measures which would be much more significant in avoiding future terrorist events. Russia has also said it will use its secret police to kill anti-Russian terrorists anywhere it finds them. If people have concerns about a country like America violating human rights in the course of the war on terrorism, they ought to be genuinely panicked over Russia's potential. However, the America-bashers don't seem to be really interested in the substance but rather just in having another chance to bash their favorite target.