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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Russian Boys Gone Wild!

As noted on Global Voices, referring to a Russian blog report, on August 2nd Russia celebrated paratrooper's day, yet another Soviet festival seeking to glorify miltary activity. For reasons that should be obvious to anyone who views the remarkable photographs of the paratroopers' invasion of Moscow, many Muscovites flee the city like Kutuzov's troops before Napoleon when this holiday rolls around. Talk about a slice of life! Talk about cinema verite! One can only wonder how the author of the blog, Sampson Sholademi, who is a non-Russian of the dark-skinned variety, managed to get these photos and escape with his life. The blog also compiles reports of various atrocities committed by the soldiers as they rape and pillage the city. The first mentioned states: "Therefore, the later it got in the day the better it was for residents not to go out side at all. At one in the morning I heard cries from the street. I couldn't see anyone out the window, only heard a mindless cacophany of shouting which merged as if in one voice. Several times I heard female screams rise above the din, there will evidently be extramarital adventures in town tonight."

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