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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Problem of Putin Dictatorship Solved: Madonna's Going to Have a Few Words with Him

Female First reports that Madonna is rushing to the aid of Russian democracy (if of course the Russian mafia who have promised to kill her don't get to her first). We all know what a strict disciplinarian she can be, so she'll no doubt have Putin well in hand before the second course is served:

Madonna is to have dinner with the President of Russia. The 'Hung Up' singer is set to bring her 'Confessions' world tour to Moscow on September 11 and she will reportedly meet with President Vladimir Putin in the Russian capital the day after. As well as dining with Putin, Madonna - who is married to British film director Guy Ritchie - will also meet his daughters, Maria and Katya. A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "This has been on the cards for a while. She really wanted to meet him but he wasn't sure initially. But his daughters are big fans so he eventually agreed." It is rumoured that Madonna will take the privileged opportunity to speak to President Putin about world issues. The source added: "No doubt Madonna will want to talk about world peace rather than her raunchy dance moves on stage."

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