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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Caucus War: August Update

The idea that anything like peace or order has arrived in the Caucus regions is pure propaganda, as a recent chronology of events makes cleare (remember, the Kremlin has a total crackdown on reporters in the region in place, so this is only the tip of the iceberg, what manages to squeak through the cracks):

Sunday August 6: Five telephone transmitting towers blown up by Chechen rebels

Thursday August 10: Home of federal prosecutor attacked in Ingushetia, one killed

Monday August 14: Rebels attack military checkpoint on federal highway in Ingushetia

Tuesday August 15: Russians respond to Chechen problem with . . . text messages.

Wednesday August 16: Solider killed as military convoy attacked in Igushetia.

Thursday August 17: Chechens claim Kremlin is making "Potemkin Withdrawal"

Monday August 21: Bomb explodes in Moscow marketplace, killing 10.

Tuesday August 22: Bomb destroys oil pipeline in Ingushetia.

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