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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thank You GREAT Britain!

La Russophobe is proud to wave the Jack over this blog today and to salute the valor and brilliance of America's ally across the sea, GREAT Britain, in honor of the amazing work done yesterday by British law enforcement agents in upending an evil plot by cowardly terrorists to murder innocent people in the skies over the Atlantic. I know I express the thoughts of all Americans when I say: THANK YOU HEROIC BRITONS, WE OWE YOU ONE! JOLLY GOOD SHOW! Thanks as well to Pakistan, which apparently provided valuable tipoffs to the British authorities.

And now a word of warning to the Russian people: For weeks now we in America have been reading about the military aid your government has been providing to our mortal foes in Iran, a state sponsor of terrorism. The reports are documented in this blog. In addition, you've given aid and comfort to the terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas, and you are helping to arm our South American foe Venezuela to the teeth. The very moment that it becomes clear that your assistance to these terrorist organizations has played any role in the loss of American lives, you are going to get the mother of all cold wars, and maybe a hot one. If your government goes on as it is, that day is coming. Act now and prevent the crazed policies of your government from ruining your future. What would you say if America started providing the kind of aid you are providing to Iran and Hamas to Chechnya? If you go on as you are, you will soon not have to wonder, because it will actually happen. If you imagine that America will sit idly by as your weaponry is used to kill us, you are Neo-Sovietedly mistaken. If you imagine you can fight and win a cold war against the U.S. when the USSR couldn't, you must be drunk.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Congrats for being so brainwashed.

Who told you Iran is your mortal enemy? Your president? The same who said Saddam had WMD? The same who said Saddam had ties with Al Quaeda?