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Friday, August 11, 2006

500th Post and Other Milestones

This is La Russophobe's 500th post

She takes this opportunity to mention
the following additional milestones which recently occurred:

On July 14th, her 10,000th Google hit

On August 2nd, the four-month anniversary of this blog

On August 5th, her 750th profile view
(passing the Accidental Russophile, which has existed much longer)

On August 10th, the 7,000th visit to this blog
(averaging over 1,500 visits per month, LR is on track to surpass
10,000 visits on or before her 6-month anniversary, twice as fast
as Sean's Russia blog managed that laudable milestone)


guzhevnikov said...

you produce an interesting site---no doubt the fruit of much hard work and good organization.
congrats again

La Russophobe said...

Thanks! We hope not to disappoint you in the future.