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Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Sunday Photos: YouTube Edition

A rock-video-ized Vladimir Putin talking about who is good enough to be the President of Russia. This is a laugh riot if you speak Russian, but even if you don't you can enjoy it. He repeatedly asks "Who is good enough to be President of Russia" and repeatedly answers "ME!" and repeatedly says that what Russia needs is tough, merciless power from the top. Get jiggy!

Hey baby, whatcha doin' lata?

Do you remember? Larry King asks a question about what happened to the Kursk submarine. Putin answers smugly in Russian (though he speaks English): "It sank." Look at that smirk! Don't you just want to toss your cookies? Or better yet to slap it right off his maligant little face? This man has his finger on the nuclear button! Koshmar!


firsak said...

The first one is a fake. The second one is a fake either. Also have doubts about the 3rd 'cause I can't recall Putin giving interviews to any foreign journalists. Probably a fake too.

La Russophobe said...

FIRSAK: The first and second are JOKES, you idiot. The first is Putin really speaking at a real press conference, edited to make JOKE. The third is a REAL INTERVIEW, no joke intended, and it was a famous event. I watched the whole thing myself. The fact that you don't know about it only goes to prove how restricted Russian media really is.

La Russophobe said...

Here's a transcript of the full Larry King interview:

firsak said...

First of all I'd ask you refrain from using offensive words. Did you forget that you are a God-blessed noble American and I'm just an insignificant human-being from poverty-stricken Russia? You must serve as an example to us, complete nonentities. Or maybe you think vice versa?

About the 3rd movie... I read that interview by the link you had posted. Before answering Larry's question about the submarine they had a conversation on a pleasant topic and Putin was smiling. He just failed to wipe that smile from his face in time. Well... That surely didn't look good. I agree with that.

By the way, the media in the USA is no less restricted than in Russia.