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Monday, January 22, 2007

LR Announces Milestones

La Russophobe is pleased to announce that yesterday she welcomed the 40,000th visit to this blog, which is currenly averaging 275 visits and 525 page views per day. It's the blogosphere's leading independent source of news and opinion about Russia. Hooray for us!

Other recent milestones are:

On January 8th she received
her 75,000th page view .

On January 20th she recorded
her 60,000th Google hit.

On January 4th she broke into the top 35,000 blogs in the world out of over 55 million tracked by Technorati. That placed her in the top 0.06% of all blogs in existence -- an astounding feat for a pure Russia speciality blog that is not even one year old.

According to Technorati as of January 14th:

La Russophobe had 1,474 links from blogs, far more than any other blog of its kind in the world. For comparison:
The vile propaganda screed Russia Blog had only 385 links from blogs.
The acidly Ameriphobic Sean's Russia Blog had only 261 links from blogs.
The delusional Russophile Copydude had only 194 links from blogs.
The lunatic, senile Russophile Russian Blog had only 180 links from blogs.

Three out of these four other blogs have existed far longer than La Russophobe, while Copydude is one month younger.
La Russophobe has more links from blogs than all four of them combined.

We have said before and will say again that these are every bit as much the accomplishments of YOU the reader as they are of the publisher and contributors. So pat yourself on the back! More important, they are sure and certain proof that support for opposing the rise of the Neo-Soviet Union is wide and deep. We are many and we are strong! La Rusophobe humbly thanks all readers and contributors for their commitment to something better for Russia, hence for ourselves.

At the same time, we must acknowledge the need to redouble our efforts, since despite them Russia continues to sink ever deeper into the morass of neo-Sovietization, from which there may be no return.


Mariposa said...

Congratulations, and hope you gain even more readers!

La Russophobe said...

Thanks! Be sure to tell all your friends and neighbors ;)

james24 said...

Congratulations, Kim. I'm a big fan!