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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cartoon: Putin Gets His Balls

Recently, the Kremlin decided that nobody would be allowed to have flashing lights on their personal vehicles, so as to allow them to speed through Moscow's nighmarish traffic jams, except the President and certain high government officials. Specifically, this meant stripping the flashing lights from members of the Duma, Russia's parliament. Here's one Russian take:

Actual Translation:

Apparachik: "Mr. President, we've finally managed to get those
blinkers* away from the Duma members, like you asked"
Putin: "I was talking about the flashing lights on their cars."

*A play on words, the Russian word "blinkers" could mean
either eyes or the flashing lights on cars like police vehicles have,
but which many Russian government officials are known to have appropriated.

Alternate caption from LR:

Apparachik: "Mr. President, we've finally located those items
everyone says the Duma urgently needs."
Putin: "Who said anything about EYE balls?"

Source: Ellustrator.

NB: LR's in-house professional translator has nothing to do with this post. So don't blame her/him! It's the amateur effort of LR herself and, as such, undoubtedly fraught with errors of which LR will be delighted to be advised by Russian readers and linguistic efforts (they in turn will no doubt delight in informing her). However, the general gist is correct and LR finds them both amusing and insightful. Other "alternative" captions are welcome in the comments.

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