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Thursday, January 25, 2007

LR Big(ger) in Europe

It's been almost half a year since we last reviewed the compositon of our readership by region of the world. Whilst we were not looking, La Russophobe has morphed into an international blog. As the charts below show, whilst the United States accounts for by far the single largest share of LR's readership, five months ago it was a majority, and now it is minority. Our Russian readership has nearly tripled, as has our British contingent. This not to say that there are fewer American readers now, they have dramatically increased in number; in September there were only 3,500 visits to the blog but in January there will be nearly 9,000 -- this means there were nearly 2,000 American visits in September and there will be more than twice as many such visits in January. But the share of non-American readers has increased even faster, which is not surprising given that America is more remote from the issues we cover involving the rise of the neo-Soviet Union than those in Europe. Of course, Americans should not think that their relative isolation means they can afford to relax, as World War II and the Cold War clearly showed. Nearly one out of every ten readers of this blog is Russian, and that's encouraging.



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