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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 in Review: Russia vs. America

Russia and America, by the numbers:


Per capita, twenty times more people are killed by fire each year in Russia than in the United States


The average wage for an American is eleven times higher than for a Russian (even though per capita wealth generation is only five times greater, because corruption, see below, is three times lower)


Per capita, the average American generates five times more wealth than the average Russian, and the average Russian is five times more likely to be murdered than the average American


Per capita, four times more people commit suicide in Russia each year than in the United States


Russia is three times more corrupt than the United States


Per capita, America has 2.5 times more international tourism arrivals than Russia


Per capita, twice as many people are killed on Russia's highways each year than the US (even though there are far more cars per capita on the US roadways than on Russia's). Per capita, twice as many women are murdered by their husbands in Russia compared to the United States. Per capita, nearly twice as many people are killed by cigarette smoking each year in Russia compared to the United States, and nearly twice as many are infected with AIDS. America's population is double that of Russia and growing, while Russia's is half that of America's and shrinking.


Per capita, 30% more (0.3 times) more Russians get divorced than Americans (though the most minor discrepancy between Americans and Russians on this list, it's probably the most depressing; it shows that Russian women, like Russians generally, are far more likely than Americans to accept their wretched circumstances rather than try to change them; Russian women are twice as likely to be killed by their husbands, but not twice as likely to divorce them).

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