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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Sunday YouTube Part II: Russia, Perishing

March 2006. Fifteen years after the fall of Communism, Marcel Theroux goes on a personal journey through Putin's Russia for British TV. He discovers a country that's literally dying.

A reader writes: "
I can imagine Russians saying that they could find a whole lot of bad things in America if they wanted to and make an anti-American film. The question is could they find a sadistic alcoholic facist police chief (who got promoted) in a chance encounter, when he stopped them from filming a community of outcast non-white American citizens awaiting deportation because they where and embarrassment?"

And indeed, is it really a comfort to Russians to believe that although they are destroying their nation, America also will be destroyed? Does hatred of America supecede love of Russia among Russians?


Anonymous said...

KIM - please receive your shipment of FAIL:

The life expectancy went from 56 to 60,5 in only 2 1/2 years.

La Russophobe said...

Please follow the following guidelines when submitting comments:

(1) Please at least try to read our blog before you write something. We've just recently shown that Russian data is meaningless:

You seem to have forgotten that the leader of the country is s KGB spy, and that all during the Soviet era, right up until the collapse, outrageously false data was shown to the people by the government showing how great things were. Putin won't even allow his elections to be inspected, much less his sensitive demographic data.

(2) Please don't SPAM us. If you want to bring something to our attention, send us an e-mail. Comments are to deal with the substance of the post they appear on.

Anonymous said...

The best description of roosha that I have ever seen to date is from the Leopolis blog:

Russia which is a one-party Eurasian Nigeria with nuclear weapons.

Anonymous said...

What is really sad about this video - in their extreme poverty, ordinary Russians think that the "managed corruption" which they have allowed is -- democracy.

It's clearly not.

It really tugs at the heart to see 40-year old people who look like they are 70 living on the street.

What's even worse is that they believe they live in a democracy.

It is painful to watch.