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Monday, February 18, 2008

February 17, 2008 -- Contents


(1) The Sunday Photos: Nemtsov at Oborona

(2) The Sunday YouTube Part I

(3) The Sunday YouTube Part II

(4) The Sunday Apocalypse

(5) The Sunday Poet

(6) The Sunday Shell Game

(7) The Sunday Sacrilege

(8) The Sunday Funnies/Mystery

NOTE: You can't necessarily trust a Russian, but you can always trust a Russian to be a Russian. No sooner did we announce that Anna Chakvetadze had the chance this week to move into the top 5 in the world by reaching the finals of the WTA event in Antwerp, Belgium where she was the number 2 seed (booting Maria Shamapova out of the top 5), than Chakvetadze promptly went down in easy straight sets in her very first match to the "lucky loser" Sophia Arvidsson of Sweden, who was only in the tournament because somebody else pulled out, not ranked in the world's top 60 players. Looks like not even a name like "Chakvetadze" can save you from the Russian curse.


Unknown said...

< Looks like not even a name like "Chakvetadze" can save you from the Russian curse.

Kind of strange since "Chakvetadze" is a Georgian name.


La Russophobe said...

Timothy, you hopelessly stupid freak, your pathological frenzy of jealousy and hatred towards this blog prevents you from actually reading and thinking before you comment.

The statement is that EVEN THOUGH Chakvetadze IS NOT a Russian name, SHE STILL GETS HUMILIATED JUST LIKE A RUSSIAN. In other words, her non-Russian name can't save her from a Russian fate. That we know her name is not Russia is the WHOLE POINT of the statement, it's something we've noted many times before in saying that she's counted as a "Russian" even though her name clearly says she's not.

Did you get your "brain" from K-mart? Blue light special?

Thanks for the comment, though. We're going to be laughing over that one for quite some time.