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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Sunday Photos: Oborona Edition

Oleg Kozlovsky, in hospital under lockdown in Ryazan

Obrona patriots leafleting Moscow, calling for Oleg's release

Leafleting Murmansk

Leafleting St. Petersburg


Anonymous said...

LR I thought Russia was the neo-Soviet union...I don't recall people being allowed to hand out leaflets under the communists!

La Russophobe said...

What makes you think they are allowed to? Are you imbecile enough that you don't understand they are leafleting about their leader being drafted into the army illegally to stop him from leafleting about fraud in Russian elections?

Many leafleted in the USSR. Ever heard of samizdat, you moron? And after doing so, went to the gulag.


Anonymous said...

"What makes you think they are allowed to?"

The fact that they were photographed doing it.

(and the fact that you didn't post pictures of them being arrested. if such pictures existed I have no doubt whatsoever that you'd have posted them)

"Many leafleted in the USSR. Ever heard of samizdat, you moron?"

Samizdat were self-published books, novellas, and newspapers usually circulated to friends IN SECRET. If you tried to hand out samizdat in public, as these brave oborona folk seem to be doing, you couldn't tie your shoe before the KGB would have shown up, thrown you in a van, and, yes, probably sent you to the Gulag.

La Russophobe said...

By your "logic," you ape, every murderer who is not caught was "allowed" to do it. If one single person ever protested against the Nazi attack on Russia without being arrested, then Hitler was not a dictator. Putin has "allowed" Politkovskaya to be murdered because he hasn't arrested her killer. Given that, Putin must be put in prison immediately. You agree, right?

Do you think AT ALL when you post? You humiliate yourself and your "side" with every single word you utter. So, please continue speaking. You make our case better than we do.

Oleg Kozlovsky was sent to the army before he could tie his shoe, you hopeless, helpless baboon. Why do you choose to ignore that fact? Is it because you have no propaganda ready for it yet?

Lame. Not even close.

Penny said...

anonymous, as an obvious Putin, or more generic, a fascist appeaser, what's yout point?

Do you really think that a handful of courgeous kids passing out leaflets is a demonstration of open democracy in that sewer that is Russia? You haven't noticed that there is no political opposition, that journalists are being murdered, that the airwaves are owned by Putin, that the FSB owns your sorry ass and all of the country's wealth?

In time those kid's will be rounded up and punished while your life will go on as an ignorant, disgusting and immoral creep.

Oh, and, the kids photographed themselves, you fool. You didn't see them on Putin's tv networks because those pictures would never be there. Crawl back in your hole.

I'm glad you made an appearance, it shows westerners the depravity of FSB sock puppets on the internet.

Anonymous said...

"By your "logic," you ape, every murderer who is not caught was "allowed" to do it."

Man LR, you really need a course in basic logic.

The Soviet Union was a totalitarian police state. It was not omnipotent, but it's political police (your favorite folk the KGB) were certainly competent enough to detect, and suppress, OPENLY STATED OPPOSITION IN PUBLIC.

You mentioned the example of a murderer. Well if said murderer had repeatedly killed people in broad daylight in the middle of several of the country's largest cities and wasn't arrested or otherwise hassled by the police then, yes, I would surmise that he was "allowed" to commit his crimes by the relevant authorities. What would you think of such a situation?

What the hell kind of police state has Putin created if it's so inept that it can't arrest a few young people who stand in the MIDDLE OF MOSCOW AND SAINT PETERSBURG HANDING OUT LEAFLETS. If your "neo-Soviet Union" can't handle a few Oborona people, why should we be scared of it? In fact, if the state is that totally incompetent, we should all jump for joy since the power of the police has, apparently, been shattered beyond all recognition.

I also note that you've previously covered the heavy-handed official response to various small-scale Other Russia events. Why could the police so easily disrupt those events (with such massive force) but these Oborona people escape completely untouched.

Unless OMON and the FSB have recently disintegrated, it would seem to me that it's for a very simple reason: the Oborona people are allowed to hand out leaflets.

There, is that too complicated for you to follow?

La Russophobe said...

So the USSR wasn't omnipotent but Putin is? He knows all and controls all, so if anyone protests without being arrested they've been given permission to do so?

Dude, your head needs work.

And you STILL TOTALLY IGNORE the fact that Kozlovsky HAS been arrested - worse, he's been DRAFTED. Have you ever commented on this blog criticizing the Kremlin's action against him, Mr. "Fair and balanced?"

What a moron.

With "friends" like you, Russia needs no enemies.