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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Russia: World Leader in Teen Suicides, Divorces and Abortions

INTERFAX reports on the paradise that is Vladimir Putin's Russia:

Russia is the world's leader in lethal suicides among 15-19 year-old teenagers, the 12th World Russian People's Council resolution reads summing up the Council's work on Friday.

As to youth spiritual crisis, the forum's participants consider it necessary to adopt laws protecting children and youth from "consequences of moral crisis." Priority to be given to laws on public morals, video and computer games, children toys, teens free time organization and control, moral values in sexual relations, informative production harmful for teens morals, health and development. To motivate the defense of morality, the Council's participants have pointed out that Russia is facing a family crisis.

"This country is among leaders in divorces. According the UN Children Foundation, the number of non-marital children equaled to 30% in 2004," the document reads.

Besides, Russia overran the majority of countries for abortions as its number has recently exceeded the number of births. The underaged abortions make significant part of it and total to 4% among 15 year-old girls.

The resolution also notes that Russia holds the first place for abandoned children: every 38th child live in state orphanages, patron or foster families. Finally, Russia's murder rate is the highest in Europe (26 incidents for 100,000 people), the forum's participants state.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps these problems should consume Russia's presidential political 'election'? Na.