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Friday, February 08, 2008

American Voters Choose Big Trouble for Russia

February 5th was "Super Tuesday" in the U.S.A. and 21 states went to the polls to choose presidential candidates.

In Russia, by the way, the people are considered too idiotic and untrustworthy to be allowed to vote for their candidates, so the choices are made for them, like sheep.

The two most important states involved on Super Tuesday were New York and California, and John McCain won them both for the Republicans while Hillary Clinton won them both for the Democrats. They (pictured above) both surged to clear leads in their respective campaigns, McCain (who we've endorsed, because he's called for Russia's ouster from the G-8 group) clearly dominant in his, making it seem that the race in the presidential election has pretty much been set.

Russia must be delighted with the effective way Vladimir Putin has promoted relations with the world's only superpower. McCain has looked into Putin's eyes and seen only three letters, K-G-B, while Clinton has looked and found Putin has no soul. The Moscow Times quoted McCain: "I was in a conference in Germany over the weekend, and President Putin of Germany gave one of the old Cold War-style speeches. [W]e in the West must pursue cooperation with Moscow where we can. But too many believe that we can define an agenda of cooperation that is divorced from the nature of the Russian regime and its actions against its own citizens." It quoted Clinton: "[Putin] has suppressed many of the freedoms won after the fall of communism, created a new class of oligarchs, and interfered deeply in the internal affairs of former Soviet republics."

Ouch! It's a nightmare for Russia to have these two candidates contending, a no-win proposition and testament to the total failure of Vladimir Putin's foreign policy.


Anonymous said...

According to Nostradamus, the 44th president of the USA is going to be the last one. Another prophecy of the great astrologer coming true! :)))

La Russophobe said...

Ah yes, how predictable. The Russophile cretins have been so obliterated that the only thing left for them to do is quote Nostradamus.

Couldn't you at least post a link to source material where he talks about the America presidency? Must you be SO lame?